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inglés term chino translation
6 bar 6巴
?9,100bn outstanding 九兆一千亿日元未收帐款
Australian complying superannuation funds 符合澳大利亚规定的退休金
Entered by: David Lin
Cariplo 伦巴地储蓄银行
counter currency 相对货币
Diamond Doe-Foot Applicator 鑽石絨面化妝棒
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
discernible valuation TRY
filed. 呈交
Free-float market capitalization-weighted index 流通市值加权指数/自由流通市值加权指数
Entered by: albertdeng
if useful, anywhere else 在别的地方,只要有益,
in the mid 40s 45%左右
institutionalise the idea of communicating 使(各部门间的)交流制度化(或成为习惯)
inverse bear etf 熊市反向交易所交易基金
reduction 收受股息扣除
signal caller 交易信号发送人
Entered by: Alvin Liu
skybridge 高空天桥
soft probe 软性刺探
undertake to pay without demur 无异议支付
unrealized fair value of investments 未实现的公允投资价值变动
use a few more walls 采取一些防范措施
"located" and "maintenance" 資料所處的位置 / 保存
Entered by: David Lin
(the positive ends of both scales 两轴的最大正数值
... is not irrevocably committed to a qualifying investment. ... 不是不可撤回的指定用于合格投资的(资金) whom concerns of the Unitholders of YYY may be conveyed to. .......,可向其转达与YYY股票持有人有关的所有议题。
Entered by: Vincent Zhou
1,FOMC Federal Open Market Committee 2, TSY 联邦公开市场委员会
1,Pepo rate 2, The pawn rate(Lombard rate) 同業拆息
10-fold 10 倍
10-year non-call 5 LT 2 sub-debt 10年期債券5年內不可贖 LT-2 (低二级) 次級債券
1st quartile sales growth rates 销售增长率进入前四分之一的公司行列
24/5 customer support 每周5天,每天24小时的客户支持
a call is made 要求补缴股款;补交股款的通知
A few managers left us by design 少数在重组设计下离开公司的经理人
a flexible variable in a tool 一个灵活可变的工具; 一个工具的灵活可变性
a global macro fund 全球性宏观基金
a metals play 受金属价格波动的影响
a momentum based 以顺势交易策略为基础的
a natural function 自然形成的机制
a negative d300m due to currency movements 打消货币汇率起伏造成的亏损3亿美元
a sentence ~{JTRk#:O#M{4KP-Ri=+6TNRCGTZ>_SPJ@=gS0Ol5D=pHZVPPD~}-~{HpJ?5DR5Nq7"U92zIz;}<+S0Ol#,~}
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