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italiano a inglés Bienes inmuebles Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
locazione 4+4 4-year + 4-year lease
Entered by: Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
Locazione studio uso profesionale office rental contract
Entered by: EirTranslations
Loggiato, Pompeiana Loggia, Pergola
Entered by: Gina Ferlisi
lottizzazione dei terreni edificabili parcelling-out of building sites
m.n. Map number (mappale n°...)
Entered by: Emilia Mancini
mandatario negoziale contractual agent, (contract agent)
massa patrimoniale total property
Entered by: Peter Cox
maturato expired or expiring on
meglio composta .. more specifically includes...
Entered by: Ian Mansbridge
metri quadrati commerciali marketable square metres
millesimati Tenants and thousandths allocations
Entered by: Tom in London
millesimatura allocation of thousandths per tenant
Entered by: Tom in London
Millesimi di condominio thousandth share ownership of common parts
monoproprietà single owner property
MQC metri quadri cubi ( cubic square metres)
Entered by: Maria Burnett
Nat. Category
Entered by: dasein_wm
nel pristino stato in their original condition
nessuna imputazione può essere levata a carico di no claim may be brought against
nota di trascrizione transfer of deed
nota di voltura annotation/memorandum recording a change of registration
nulla osta provvisorio provisional authorisation / permission
Entered by: Francesca Battaglia
nulla sarà lui dovuto per la perdita dell’avviamento commerciale nothing shall be due to him for the loss of the goodwill
Entered by: EirTranslations
offerta libera free sale / not a forced sale
Onere reale (oneri reali) property charge/s [inc. land and rentcharges]
oneri di urbanizzazione planning fees
Entered by: Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
oneri reali e precari encumbrances and precarious possession
Entered by: Sylvia Gilbertson
operai e impiegati verificatarsi consumer price list for families of workers and employees in force last year
Entered by: EirTranslations
operazione business transaction
Organo Probivirale Arbitration panel / committee
orto irrig irrigated garden soil
Ottima esposizione Excellent outlook
Entered by: Tom in London
p. ed. building parcel (particella edificiale)
Entered by: Piera Sarasini
p.c.e. particella catasto edilizio (fabbricati) > building registry parcel
Entered by: Kimberly De Haan
p.c.t. Land Registry Plot
Entered by: Kimberly De Haan
p.ed. building parcel
Entered by: Daniel Gold
p.m. particella mappale
Entered by: Daniel Gold
P.T-S1° ground floor - basement 1st floor
p.t. ground floor
parcheggi pertinenziali allocated parking spaces / adjacent parking lots
partita catastale Land Registry record
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