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italiano term inglés translation
r.u.c. - Revisore ufficiale dei conti chartered accountant, certified accountant, auditor
RCE RCE [Land Registry Income in Euro]
RCL rendita catastale = Land Registry Income
Entered by: Piera Sarasini
registro particolare parcel registry
Regolarita' edilizia conformity with Building Codes Standards
rendite obbligazionarie bond yelds
responsabilità civile professionale professional liability insurance
Entered by: Francesca Battaglia
rilascio del Pdc. grant of planning permission
Entered by: EirTranslations
rilievo (del capitale residuo...) / rilevare assumption / taking over / to take over
Entered by: Emanuela Galdelli
rimessa per la barca boathouse
riqualificazione paesaggistico-naturalistica landscape redevelopment
Entered by: EirTranslations
Riserve restrictions
risulta azzonata has been assigned to zone
Entered by: EirTranslations
s.r. senza rendita, no cadastral income
salvo altro and possibly others not mentioned; and others not mentioned
Entered by: TechLawDC
salvo i più precisi (AmE/BrE> land) save as more particularly described; subject to further particulars
schede catastali land registry records/plans
Entered by: Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
segnalazioni acustiche audible alarms
sem. irr. arb. seminativo irriguo arborato
semin arbor wooded arable land
Entered by: Peter Cox
senza civico no (house or street) number
Servitù attive e passive Positive (affirmative) and negative easements
servitù di deroga alle distanze legali trascritta servitude following waiver of the transcribed legal distances
Entered by: Cristiana Karon
servizi services
Servizi Privati private facilities, private services
sfitti ed inesigibilita vacant properties and bad debt
Entered by: Ivana UK
si compravendono changing hands / selling
si quittano they provide mutual receipt
si stanno affacciando (sul nostro mercato) are entering (our market)
Entered by: Ivana UK
Sistemazioni esterne external layout
Entered by: Lara Barnett
sistemi di contenimento e sistemi passividei consumi energetici containment systems and passive energy containment systems
Entered by: Maria Burnett
situazione ipotecaria (E&W) situation re mortgages & charges (AmE: & land liens)
Entered by: Aleyna Tusa
snc no street number
Entered by: Tom in London
socio compartista joint venture partner
Entered by: Kimberly De Haan
sofferenza bad debts / non-performing loans
Entered by: IT>EN Legal
soggetto a favore/contro party enjoying the benefit (chargee) or subject to the burden (chargor)
soglia alla svizzera drop down (threshold) seal
stabile proprio its own building/premises
standard a parcheggio esclusivi exclusive, planning-standard parking amenities
Stato di fatto current condition [or situation]
Entered by: Tom in London
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