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alemán term inglés translation
ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger without any finger-wagging; without wagging a finger; without lecturing
Ordnungsbereitschaft (inherent sense of) orderliness
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
passagere psychische Alteration von Krankheitswert transient psychological aberration of clinical significance
Patienten und betroffene Angehörige Patients and their relatives and friends who may be affected by...
Entered by: Stephen Old
pädagogischer Rahmen clear support structures
Profilierungsneurotiker person who just wants to be noticed
Prozentrang percentile rank
Entered by: Robert Kleemaier
psychiatrisches Erleben psychiatric symptoms
psychische Störungslehre mental disorder studies
Entered by: Alexander Schleber
psychopathologische Unauffälligkeit no significant psychopathology
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Psychopädagoge educational psychologist
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Querkonkurrenz / Längskonkurrenz Cross-sectional / Longitudinal competition
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Rädchen (small) wheel
realitätsgerecht realistic
reflexionsfähig limited insight
Regelgeleitetheit adherence to systematic analytical procedure
reizoffen easily over-stimulated; overly sensitive to stimuli
Replikation an replication on/with
Entered by: Sibylle Gray
Resignative depressive Fehlentwicklung undesirable tendency to resignation and depression
rhythmische Bewegungsabfolgen rhythmic motor sequences
Entered by: Robert Kleemaier
Sachebene / Gefühlsebene intellectual level / emotional level
sachlich-inhaltlicher Fragen matters of factual content
salutogen salutogenic
Schnittpunkt in the context of
Schuldzuweisungen durch den Täter the perpetrator\'s accusations that the victim is to blame
Entered by: Susan Welsh
schulenintegrierender Therapieansatz (psych.) eclectic/integrative/multidisciplinary therapeutic approach
Schutz- bzw. Schonungsverhalten protective or avoidant behaviour
Entered by: Susan Welsh
schwer erziehbaren Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties „EBD”
schwerst besinnlich thoroughly withdrawn / broody / self-absorbed
schwingungsfähig emotionally responsive
Schwingungsfähigkeit emotional responsiveness
sein Wesen, das ihm die Zeit nicht nur verkürzte, sondern auch einengte his nature, which caused time to slip through his hands and closed him in
Entered by: Johanna Timm, PhD
Seinsformen modes of existence
Selbstüberschätzung exaggerated opinion of oneself
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Selbsteinschätzung self-assessment/self appraisal
sich in der Familie unterordnen submit/bend to family rules
sich Rechenschaft geben to account for sth
Sinnstrukturen structures of meaning
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Sonntagsreden soap box oratory
Sorgenstuhl worry chair
Entered by: Susan Welsh
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