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alemán term inglés translation
Grundgesamtheit statistical population
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Grundstimmung/Grundgestimmtheit general disposition / attitude to life
Gruppenangebote group sessions
gruppentherapeutische Angebote group therapy programs
Entered by: Dr. Anja Masselli
Handlungsplanungskompetenz action-planning ability
Handlungspsychologie psychology of action
handlungstheoretisch action theoretical
häusliche Strukturen daily routines
höher, in 89% der Bedarf der Mutter higher - in 89 % of all cases it is the mother's income needs / required income
Entered by: Barbara Schmidt
Heilpraktikerschein complementary health care practitioner certificate
Entered by: Susan Welsh
herangetragen confronted
Hilfangebote support/help/counseling services
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
hochaufgelöstes Design highly granular design, more detailed research, pinpoint research strategy
Entered by: Susan Welsh
hochladend having high loading, loaded highly, high-loading
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Hochregulation von Traurigkeit upregulation of sadness
Entered by: Susan Welsh
hyperwahrnehmend hyperperceptive
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Ich kann weniger in Ruhe und nacheinander Arbeiten erledigen. I'm less able to work uninterrupted and do one thing at a time.
Entered by: Steffen Walter
ich-erleben sense of self
Ich-Umwelt-Grenze ego-environment boundary
Identitätszwang compulsion to identification
im ausgehenden Kindesalter late childhood before the onset of the teenage years
im Folgenden kurz xxx Studie referred to here as ... Study
Entered by: Susan Welsh
im Sinne defined as
Entered by: Susan Welsh
im Umherziehen peripatetically
Entered by: Astrid Elke Witte
imponieren (hier) to appear
in Abhängigkeit des Ausmaßes an affektiver Erregung auftreten occur depending on/as a result of the intensity of/heightened affective stimulation (stimuli)
in den Zustand des Chaos geraten to be thrown into a state of chaos
Inanspruchnahme leaning on the health care system/appropriate pursuit of information instead of overuse
Entered by: Susan Welsh
inhaltliche Denkstörung disorder of thought content
innere Distanz emotional detachment
Entered by: Susan Welsh
innere Unruhe agitation, restlessness, anxiety, uneasiness, nervousness
innere Zerrissenheit inner conflict
Insel-Test island test
Inszenierung pose/ posture
Entered by: Marcus Malabad
interpersonell zugehörig interpersonally engaged
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Ja-aber-Spiel Why don't you - Yes, but - game
Entered by: Sheila Hardie
jenseits without, not given to, not motivated by
Entered by: Susan Welsh
körperlicher Täuschungen bodily illusions
Entered by: David Rumsey
Körpermissempfindung negative bodily sensation
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Küchenpsychologie kitchen sink psychology
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