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alemán a inglés Psicología Translation Glossary

alemán term inglés translation
Ausraster fit/outburst of anger/rage
aussagepsychologisch psychological factors affecting eyewitness testimony
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Ausschöpfung response rate/completion rate
Entered by: Susan Welsh
AV work placement
Entered by: Sonja Poeltl
über den Kopf wachsen to become too much
über die Kriegserlebnisse hinaus beyond the experiences of war
Übernahme in Gemeinschaft integration into the community
Überzeugungsglaube Faith in ability to sway others
Bannbotschaften injunctions
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Bearbeitungskontext questionnaire context
Entered by: Susan Welsh
bedeutungsvolle Person person of consequence
Befreiung release, setting free
Entered by: Maya Jurt
Befundaufnahme assessment
Entered by: Robert Kleemaier
Begriff depiction, language used; term
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Behandlungseinheit session
Entered by: Susan Welsh
bei allem anything/everything
Beschwerdebild der Betroffenen symptoms of those affected
Beschwerdeniveau symptom severity, level of distress
Entered by: Susan Welsh
besticht is convincing / is persuasive
Bestimmungsleistung creating and maintaining a frame of reference
Betriebspsychologie occupational psychology
Betroffener client/patient/person affected
Entered by: Susan Welsh
bewegen motivate / inspire / move to action
Bewertung evaluation skills
Bewertungsmaßstab in the patient\'s own experience of the process
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Bewusstseinsforschung consciousness research
Entered by: Olaf Reibedanz
beziehungsorientiert person-oriented
Beziehungssetzung delusions of reference/ ideas of reference
Entered by: Sibylle Gray
Bezug zum Autofahren attitude towards driving
Entered by: philgoddard
Bezugsgespräch rapport-building conversation
Entered by: Shane London
Bezugsperson person of reference
Entered by: Steffen Walter
bilden die Experimentalgruppe Subjects/people who attended ...
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Blackbox black box
BPS = Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung Borderline personality disorder
Brückenprofessur cross-disciplinary / interdisciplinary professorship
daran glauben So convincingly that I really believe I'm happy.
Darstellungsbegriff concept of presentation
Das Gespenst der Jugendgewalt geht um Haunted by the spectre of youth violence
Entered by: Helen Shiner
das Ich the "I"
das manualgetreue Vorgehen adherence to the treatment protocol (or manual)
Entered by: Susan Welsh
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