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alemán a inglés Psicología Translation Glossary

alemán term inglés translation
Ausraster fit/outburst of anger/rage
aussagepsychologisch psychological factors affecting eyewitness testimony
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Ausschöpfung response rate/completion rate
Entered by: Susan Welsh
AV work placement
Entered by: Sonja Poeltl
über den Kopf wachsen to become too much
Entered by: Carolyn Brice
über die Kriegserlebnisse hinaus beyond the experiences of war
Übernahme in Gemeinschaft integration into the community
Überzeugungsglaube Faith in ability to sway others
Bannbotschaften injunctions
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Bearbeitungskontext questionnaire context
Entered by: Susan Welsh
bedeutungsvolle Person person of consequence
Befreiung release, setting free
Entered by: Maya Jurt
Befundaufnahme assessment
Entered by: Robert Kleemaier
Begriff depiction, language used; term
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Behandlungseinheit session
Entered by: Susan Welsh
bei allem anything/everything
Beschwerdebild der Betroffenen symptoms of those affected
Beschwerdeniveau symptom severity, level of distress
Entered by: Susan Welsh
besticht is convincing / is persuasive
Bestimmungsleistung creating and maintaining a frame of reference
Betriebspsychologie occupational psychology
Betroffener client/patient/person affected
Entered by: Susan Welsh
bewegen motivate / inspire / move to action
Bewertung evaluation skills
Bewertungsmaßstab in the patient\'s own experience of the process
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Bewusstseinsforschung consciousness research
Entered by: Olaf Reibedanz
beziehungsorientiert person-oriented
Beziehungssetzung delusions of reference/ ideas of reference
Entered by: Sibylle Gray
Bezug zum Autofahren attitude towards driving
Entered by: philgoddard
Bezugsgespräch rapport-building conversation
Entered by: Shane London
Bezugsperson person of reference
Entered by: Steffen Walter
bilden die Experimentalgruppe Subjects/people who attended ...
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Blackbox black box
BPS = Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung Borderline personality disorder
Brückenprofessur cross-disciplinary / interdisciplinary professorship
daran glauben So convincingly that I really believe I'm happy.
Darstellungsbegriff concept of presentation
Das Gespenst der Jugendgewalt geht um Haunted by the spectre of youth violence
Entered by: Helen Shiner
das Ich the "I"
das manualgetreue Vorgehen adherence to the treatment protocol (or manual)
Entered by: Susan Welsh
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