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Amadeus Capital Partners 阿玛多伊斯资本合伙公司
FTSE ISS Corporate Governance global indices FTSE ISS 公司治理全球指数
long-only equity investment 仅做长期的证券投资
on board 聘请 xxx
sale of its full share in the company 出售其所持有的某公司全部股份
XA : excluding all 无任何股东权益
Entered by: Alex Liu
active ownership 积极所有权
activist hedge funds (操作手法)激进的对冲基金
adjusted for dividends 調整股息后
Akopian 阿科平/阿科皮杨
allocating a ratio of 10% of total issued shares for the company's shareholders 将发行股票的10%分配/分摊给公司的股东
angel investor 天使投资者
appreciative clients 客户欣赏的
big-cap 大盘股
Brian Larcombe 布赖恩 拉康比
Buy/A A- 低度风险, B- 中度风险,C- 高度风险
BVI 英属维尔京群岛/British Virgin Islands
characteristic exposures 疭繧
CIO 畊戈癟﹛
convergence plays 通货投机行为 立方米/天
Deliver a top quartile shareholder return 股东回报率跻身同业排名前四分之一
do the heavy lifting 勇挑重担
Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst 道琼斯私募股权(资本)分析师
equity investment instruments 股權投資工具
exploit inefficiencies 利用市場反應的滯後
finance financed 融资,融入
fixed-rate cross-rate 固定联系汇率
flat fizz 平淡无奇,波澜不惊,趋于平静
flight to quality 安全投资转移
Forms 3 and 4 reporting by “内幕人士”提交的报表3和报表4
Entered by: Julia Zou
fundamentals 竒蕾膀セ
funding of reserve funds for the bonds 债券准备金的融资
Gallic 高卢的
given the price of gasoline futures 汽油期货价格
Iceberg Vol 冰山成交量
Entered by: Alex Liu
interest-only loans 只还利息不还本金的贷款
Entered by: Xu Dongjun
investments and instruments: 投資與金融商品
large-cap 大盘
Laura Bottazzi 劳拉 博塔兹
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