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alemán a inglés Gobierno / Política Translation Glossary

alemán term inglés translation
Handlungsspielräume policy options
Entered by: Dr. Kathleen Cross
handverlesene Kooperationen carefully chosen partnerships
Entered by: Olaf Reibedanz
HASt Hauptabrechnungsstelle: Main Clearing Office
hauptamtlich permanent (Schäfer), professionally qualified, salaried employees
Entered by: Marcus Malabad
Haushaltsmittelbindung budgetary commitments
haushaltsnahe Jahre the years covered by the budget
Entered by: Silke Jellen
Haushaltsstreuwurf bulk mailing/ mail out
höchste Gut prime objective
Herausforderer challenger
Herd des Völkerhasses hotbed of ethnic hatred
Herrschaftsakten acts of authority
Entered by: Rolf Keiser
herumlavieren to drag one's feet
Entered by: Julia Burgess
HGB Handelsgesetzbuch or the German Commercial Code
Entered by: Marcus Malabad
hinter den sieben Bergen beyond the seven hills, at the back of beyond, in the Hall of the Mountain King, over the hills and far away, at the end of the
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
Ho. Ressort provincial authority
hoheitlich public service functions
Entered by: Mihaela Boteva
hohes Amt high office
Hohes Haus! Honourable Members
ihre Arbeit prägende gesellschaftspolitische Dimension the sociopolitical aspects defining their work
im Alleingang wiederentdeckt hat who, quite on his own, rediscovered....
im Mittel on average
im Schilde führen is up to something / is hatching something
Impulse setzen providing inspiration for
in (frei)staatlichem Besitz befindet owned by the Free State of (Bavaria/Saxony)
In Angelegenheiten dieses Gesetzes In any matter arising under this Act
Entered by: Daniel Arnold
in den Herzen noch nicht wirklich angekommen has not yet really reached the hearts of
Entered by: Marcus Malabad
in die Form einer Verfassung bringen use them as the basis for drawing up a constitution
in nicht zu unterschätzendem Maße cannot be overestimated
in Ostzeiten before the fall (of the wall)/ during the GDR era
in unserem Sinne in our favor/favour
Informations- und Bildungsgesellschaft information and knowledge society
Informationsabgleich information reconciliation
inhaltliche Ausdifferenzierung differentiation as regards content; content differentiation
Innovationspolitik innovation policy
Integrationsfigur conciliatory figure/role / conciliator
Interessenbekundungsverfahren expression of interest (EOI) procedure
Interessensvertretung official representatives/representative associations
intervention the actual therapy itself
Interventionsstellen Domestic Abuse Intervention Centre
Intransigenz uncompromising position
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