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inglés al chino Ciencia/ Ing. del petróleo Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
Blind flange 盲法兰/盲板法兰/堵头盲板
Blow Down Vessel Return line 泄压容器排气线
bypassed pay 死油区、死油层;滞油层/油区;未受波及的油层/油区;尚未开采的油层/油区
Entered by: lbone
chain tyre net fenders 链式轮胎护网
concept 设计方案
Entered by: Ivan Niu
electromagnetic, alternating fields 交变电磁场
floating reducers 抗漂移装置
Fly-By Fuelling 不停车加油
gas lift 气举/氣舉
Entered by: Adsion Liu
Inlet Pulsation Vessel 进气脉动室
leverage 利用
Entered by: Ivan Niu
long market 多头市场
Entered by: Yuemin Chen
mapped resources 已标示资源
Entered by: Duobing Chen
mechanical availability guarantee 机械可用性保证
miscible drive 混相驱动
MPG (Mono Propylene Glycol) 丙二醇
parapetroleum 石油辅助工业
Peroxide Perkadox 过氧化二烷烃类交联剂
Polymat 高分子垫子
polymer bend restrictors 弯管限位装置
porosity 孔隙度,孔隙率
recylindering 气缸翻修
safety boom 安全护舷
solution gas 溶解气
Stills 蒸馏炉
Entered by: Frank Feng
sun-run-meridian altitude sight 子午线高度观察
transponder collars 海底脉冲转发监测装置
undersea arches 海底城开放式穹拱
Vortex Induced Vibration suppression system 涡旋减震系统
waterfront and stevedoring 码头区和码头装卸
Entered by: Julia Zou
well fracurization 油井压裂
What does crude slate mean? 原油种类(清单)
Entered by: Julia Zou

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