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Help Translate Into Your Language

By Patrick Dotterer | Published  01/22/2007 | Other | Recommendation:
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Patrick Dotterer
Estados Unidos
inglés translator

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The primary goal of the site localization project is for the most used areas of the site to be translated into as many languages as possible.

With your help, we strive to assemble a team to localize the site into an even wider set of languages. Each localization team is comprised of one or two team leaders (team leader and a junior team leader), and, optionally, additional team volunteers. (Please note that localization team members must be members of the site.)

Localization team leaders are responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of the site translation, achieving release deadlines, and overall maintenance once their language has been released to the public. If a team leader does not make their release date and/or does not maintain their language, he or she may be replaced with another team leader.

Additional team members may be brought in by team leaders to assist with the site translation (up to 8 volunteers). Teams can be managed by creating a translation team.

Team leaders coordinate the provision of strings to team members, collecting translated strings, checking them, and uploading them to the site.

To compensate the teams for their efforts, site localizers are provided with promotion throughout once the language has been finished and released to the public. Specifically:

- For every 2500 words translated or 7500 words checked, a volunteer will receive one month of promotion. This promotion consists of the following:

1. Recognition in their profiles ("This translator helped to localize into {language}")
Note: This entry will not be publically visible until the site language is officially released.

2. Team members will be listed, with photos and optional bios, on the team page for their language. Search engine optimized links will point to these localization team bios from most pages when viewed in that team's language.

3. Specifically, team leaders may receive added compensation depending on whether their release dates have been met. However, all team volunteers will receive a search engine optimized link to their profiles from the bottom of most pages when viewed in their language.

This promotion is significant, as it provides a substantial boost to the "page rank" of these translators' profiles in search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, resulting in an increase in client traffic. ('s main pages have the highest page ranks in the industry, and these are inherited by pages we link to.)

4. In addition, team volunteers will receive browniz when their translated files are uploaded by the team leader or site staff (3 browniz for each word translated/1 brownie for each word proofread). For every 2500 words translated or 7500 words checked (i.e. 7500 browniz), a volunteer will receive 2 months of membership. (Membership is exchanged for the browniz earned through the participation in localization.)

5. As an additional way to thank volunteers for your role in the localization of, you can add a sample of your translation in the Portfolio section of your profile, and also add a project description of your participation in the localization efforts.

Site localization will create more opportunities for the community. The effects of having the site localized is not only beneficial for easier site browsing, but also for future job and business opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in the localization project, please submit a support request

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