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inglés a chino Medicina: Instrumentos Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
act shall become statute-barred 1 year after the acceptance B方接受A方的各项服务1年后....即过诉讼时效
Entered by: Alvin Liu
carrier tape 载带
Entered by: CHEN-Ling
Luer lock port Luer螺旋式接头接口
Entered by: Lu Zou
support structures 支撑结构
"negative dip" 负向斜形线(波)/负向反转角
2- methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine 2-丙烯酞乙氧基磷脂酸胆
50-position rack 50孔试管架
Entered by: CHEN-Ling
a flush port 冲洗口
a proprietary porcine collagen/HEMA polymer material 专利猪胶原/HEMA聚合物材料
Entered by: Shirley Chen
Accepted surgical practice 通行/公认外科手术规范
accounts for 说明三者之间的关系
Entered by: Lu Zou
ACell wound sheet ACell伤口贴片
Active infection 活性感染(活动性感染)
adapter cap 适配接头
aiming at 朝向
Entered by: jyuan_us
ALARP 在合理的要求下(情况下)把风险尽可能减至最低。
all pan T cell markers 全T细胞的标志
amplicons 扩增子
an appliance for hydro-ozonotherapy 臭氧水疗仪器
Anaesthetic Proof 麻醉环境兼容
Entered by: Lu Zou
anatomy warrants 当身体结构需要时
anchor (组织固定)锚钉
antero-septal 前间壁
atrial delivery rate 心房刺激频率
国家准产注册证 state-registered licence for production
Entered by: CHEN-Ling
Balloon Port 气囊导入口
Battery Conditioning 电池调理
Entered by: Lu Zou
BF and CF BF型和CF型
Blink off 按键开始闪动直至侦查到 XX 脉搏才熄灭
blister tray 吸塑托盘 ; 吸塑内托
bridging material 搭桥材料
bypass connector 旁通接头
Camera station 摄站; 摄影站
care continuum 整套保健服务
Cartridge 锯片组件
click&stay 夹式固定
Cloudy insulin 混匀胰岛素
Entered by: albertdeng
Codabar with checksum 带校验和的codabar码
Entered by: CHEN-Ling
coil 盘绕/卷绕
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