The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

danés al inglés Gobierno / Política Translation Glossary

danés term inglés translation
rykket sig en gang shifted a line
at melde hus forbi To wash your hands of the matter
Økonomiudvalget Finance committee
betalingsafløb disbursement
Entered by: Diarmuid Kennan
BUPL Danish Federation of Early Childhood Teachers and Youth Educators
Entered by: Barbara Østergaard
Bygge- og teknikudvalg Construction and Engineering Board
Civilstyrelsen the Danish Civil Affairs Agency
Entered by: Diarmuid Kennan
der er 'fredsvalg' hvor der ikke skal ske en afstemning uncontested election without voting ballots
Entered by: Diarmuid Kennan
detailstyret micromanage(ment)
Direktoratet for Patent- og Varemærkevæsenet M.V. Danish Patent and Trademark Office
Entered by: TechLawDC
en analogi af by analogous application of
Entered by: Ciarán Rooney
etableret permanent address/residence/establishment or: resident company
Faglig Fælles (3F) A-kasse 3F – United Federation of Danish Workers
Entered by: Barbara Østergaard
forligskredsen signatory parties to the agreement
forligsparti supporting party
Entered by: Birthe Omark
forudsætningsprojekt Prerequisite plan
helt ud af verden (here) put an end to
HK /Danmarks A-kasse hk union unemployment insurance
Kristelig A-Kasse Kristelig A-Kasse (the Christian Unemployment Fund)
Entered by: Barbara Østergaard
kultur- og fritidsborgmester alderman for culture and leasure
Lande vi normalt sammenligner os med countries we like to compare ourselves with
læsningsløsning first reading solution
Entered by: Diarmuid Kennan
Ministeriet The Ministry
offentligt forsørget supported by the state/receiving social security benefits
partshøring consultation procedure (public hearing in some contexts)
Entered by: Christine Andersen
regeringsdannelse formation of (a) government
Rigspolitiet (Danish) National Police
Entered by: Michele Fauble
rygdækning backing; support
sagsgang administrative procedures
sambandsmand Unionist, member of the Faroese Union Party
særtransporttilladelse special transport permit / special transportation permit
søgeledighed frictional unemployment
taksationskommissionen Valuation Commmission / Valuation Committee
Teknik of miljøborgmester Mayor of the Technology and Environment Administration
Entered by: Eliza-Anna
udlændingeafdelingen Immigration Department
udlændingekontor Immigration Division
umiddelbart formidlingsparat immediately available for work
vandafledningsbidrag sewage disposal charge/fee
virksomhedsnær company-linked / business-linked approaches

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