Research Techniques for Accurate Terminology

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Duration: 70 minutes.

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Summary:Do you want more effective ways of searching for, using, and storing terminology results? Tired of scanning useless, unrelated websites for hours with no results? Learn not only excellent research skills, but also build a strong network of contacts and see how resources right in your own community can become your most valuable research asset.
Quickly learn why accurate terminology will make or break your business. Be introduced to several advanced research techniques using common internet browsers and how to filter, manage, and store your results. Learn effective strategies for improving your terminology database using journal subscriptions, resources in your community, a powerful web of contacts, and professional memberships.

If you work in a highly specialized field, accurate terminology may not always be available when you need it. Online dictionaries and forums can only take you so far. You could spend hours desperately scanning unorganized search results and still end up with nothing. Translators who work in popular fields such as finance or engineering may have a possible term provided to them solely based on the number of translators working in the same field. However, highly specialized translators are often pioneers in creating new terminology and it can cause us headaches if we don't have the right resources and knowledge to draw from.

In this course you will learn how to ensure accuracy for highly specialized fields for which terminology may not yet be available. You will gain knowledge of different tools and techniques to find, store, and manage your search results. You will also harness the power of journal subscriptions, academic databases, and other resources to increase your terminology database.
Target audience
  • Freelancers who need more powerful ways to research terminology

  • Beginning to intermediate level translators who want ways to save money and time

  • Translators who work in highly technical and specialized fields for which terminology is not usually available in dictionaries, forums, or other resources
Learning objectives
In this video you will learn how to:
  • Save time researching terminology

  • Ensure accuracy for highly specialized fields for which terminology may not yet be available

  • Harness the power of journal subscriptions, academic databases, and other resources to increase your terminology database

Some experience with CAT tools may be helpful. All searches will be performed by Google Chrome. Other browsers may produce different results.
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  • Why terminology will make or break your business
  • Advanced research techniques using common search engines
  • How to filter, store, and manage your terminology results
  • Harnessing the power of your community
  • Why you should enroll in further education
  • How academic journal subscriptions benefit your business
  • The power of professional contacts
  • Memberships in your specialty field and why they matter
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David Christian (X)    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: David Christian is a Japanese to English translator specializing in agriculture and natural resources. A graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Japanese studies and a minor in Asian studies, Mr. Christian went on to found the Nippon WFFA, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing public information regarding Japanese wildlife, forestry, fisheries, and agriculture to English readers. Having a keen interest in wildlife and plant ecology, Mr. Christian has taken over 40 credit hours of biology related courses and has spent more than 1500 hours among the best research institutes in the world, including Japan’s prestigious Tohoku University. Raised on a farm himself, Mr. Christian is dedicated to helping the local agriculture community, and in 2012 founded Organic Sun, a translation company which devotes itself to giving Japanese farmers voices overseas and frequently translates radiation safety reports for local governments.
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