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Translator Boot Camp

Oct 1, 2013

Serving the world's largest community of translators, delivers a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members.

Visit the member services and support booth for help with site features, chat with site staff and access useful resource links.

Special training offers and discounts for new members will also be available at the member services and support booth.

The Fluency Difference

Fluency translation software offers comprehensive and truly unique features for all your translation needs. Whether you are a freelance professional or you manage a translation team in a small company or a large corporation, or even if you’re a language service provider, the Fluency product line offers highly efficient and easy-to-master tools to address all your translation needs.

Professional translators and organizations, alike, are amazed at how simple, fast and flexible Fluency translation products are. If you are a freelancer, Fluency gets you an automatic pay raise because you can get your work done in 30-50% less time without compromising accuracy. If you are a company, you will spend less to get started with Fluency and the work will progress faster without sacrificing quality.

The core Fluency Translation Suite provides the following key features:

  • A bare-bones, customizable interface that you can configure and use in under an hour
  • It supports a wider range of file formats than most other products
  • Allows team collaboration and has an embedded chat function with file sharing
  • Extremely simple TM & Term import/export to and from multiple formats
  • Highly responsive user support, including frequent updates to meet customer needs
  • Automatic calculation of time worked & words-per-hour
  • Free & easy migration to any new computer or OS, including your most valuable asset—your TMs
  • Free video tutorials
  • A license for two computers for one low price
And this is just scratching the surface…Come visit us at the Fluency booth and let us show you why Fluency makes good dollars and sense.