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ivo abdman

Bekasi, Indonesia
Hora local: 21:28 WIB (GMT+7)

Idioma materno: indonesio Native in indonesio
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18 years experiences in translation. I have translated many documents in many fields, especially engineering, information technology, chemical, medical, and etc. especially concerning patent document

Additionally, I also translate other documents, e.g. contract documents, university brochures, handphone manual etc. and unlimited to that field.

Translation Services:

• Patent Documents
• Legal Documents
• Technical Documents
• Financial/Business Documents
• Medical/Pharmaceutical Documents

•• Legal

Common documents for translation include:
• Birth Certificate
• Certificate/Diploma and Academic Transcripts
• Death Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Intellectual property and patents
• Contracts
• Witness statements
• Correspondence
• Foreign legal texts
• Legal marketing
• Licenses
• Reports
• Litigation documents
• Annual reports
• Expert reports
• Arbitration documents.

•• Technical and Scientific

Subject documents include:
• Automotive
• Hydraulics
• Optics
• Engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical)
• Avionics
• Medical (equipment, hardware)
• Science and physics
Documents include:
• White papers
• Technical Product Manuals
• Feasibility studies
• Government regulations
• Proposals
• Training materials
• Proposals and bids.

•• Financial/Business

Some of the documents for translation include:
• Annual and monthly Reports
• Bond And Equity Research
• Corporate Minutes
• Distribution And Underwriting Agreements
• Financial Statements
• Futures Contracts
• Initial Public Offerings
Insurance Policies And Claims
• Investment Proposals
• Investor Updates
• Litigation Mergers and Acquisitions
• Prospectuses
• Public Relations
• Shareholders' Agreements
• Distribution Agreements
• Lease Agreements
• Distributorship Agreements
• Financial Accounting (US GAAP, IAS, HGB).

•• Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are provided for:
• Medical records
• Clinical reports and studies
• Lab tests
• Medical Certificates, Course Syllabi
• Hospital Papers (e.g., for insurance claims)
• Medical software User's Guide
• Product licensing and patents
• Registration documents
• Expert reports
• Patient information leaflets
• Pharmaceutical and clinical trials
• Consent forms
• Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs)
• Technical Leaflets (TLs)
• Vial and carton labels
• Product Information Leaflets (PILs)
• Validation protocols and plans
• Drug approval documents.

[email protected]
Phone - +6289679227588
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