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From the "cradle" of Spanish language.

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Fast and Accurate Technical Translations - Medicine (as I am a Midwife and Nurse, too, I know the exact and real Medical terms we use in Hospitals), Cinema & Theatre, Legal, Engineering, Books, Websites, Tourism, Oenology, Literature, Fashion, Jewelry, Furniture, Sports, Animals, etc. -

28 References online from some clients - WWA (Willingness to Work Again Section)
Midwife (University of Barcelona & Vall d'Hebron Hospital) and
Nurse (University of Valladolid)
I have studied Oenology and Viticulture (Completed Studies in Spain and several Courses in Italy)
¡¡ [email protected] !! - Welcome !!
NATIONALITY: Spanish LANGUAGES Spanish- Native

· English, Certified by:
World Association of Perinatal Medicine
Scientific Board of Midwives
Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital (Santander, Spain)
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spanish Official School of Foreign Languages).
Hospital Clínico Universitario (Valladolid, Spain).

· French, Certified by:
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spanish Official School of Foreign Languages).

· Italian
Bilingual. I have lived in Italy (Florence-Ravenna).
Also Certified by the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spanish Official School of Foreign Languages)

· Catalan, Certified by:
Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística de Catalunya (Official School of Catalan, Barcelona).

. Portuguese


· World Congress of Perinatal Medicine. Interpreter English-Spanish Vall d’Hebron Hospital. Barcelona 2001.


· Translation of Jane Symons' Book "How to have a baby and still live in the real world" (About Pregnancy and Delivery, with accurate medical explanations for pregnant women) into “Cómo tener un bebé y sobrevivir a ello”. Editorial Tuscania. Barcelona. 2003.

link (click here)

· "Nursing Care in Cancer Patients" (Not a translation, but a chapter in a book for Nurses.) Pons Publishing House. Madrid. 2000.


* Medical studies, manuals, reports, brochures, prescribing information; for Sanofi Aventis, Orhofix, Sandoz, Howmedica International, Boehringer Ingelheim, Abbott, Synovate Healthcare, Precimed, Astra Zeneca, FGP Orthopaedics, Hexal Biotech ForschungsGmbH, Savvy, Pfizer, Kimberly Clark, Cyton Biosciences, Brand Health International, Medi Bayreuth, Famidoc, Edwards Lifesciences, Intersurgical, Neuroaid, Aircast, Gfk, UPMC, Novartis, etc ...

* Pharmaceutical studies, marketing support materials, quality control analysis, questionnaires...

* User Manuals: for Carrefour Brand: LCD clocks, blenders, heaters, electric toothbrushes, AIDA S.r.l, Wineurope, etc..

* Documents on Software Cisco, Remote Utilities (Usoris), etc.

* Smartphones AppsHappy Studio for McDonald's

* Oenology Manuals on Wine Pumps, labelling for a "Ribera de Duero" brand, Wine Glasses (Oenomust), Francesca Pompe Enologiche (Wine pumps), etc.

* Engineering brochures for Sekon s.r.l, CICA, Arcelor, LA MECCANICA spa, Benton, James Hewitt, Control Moving, etc.

* Documents on Electronic devices for Pepperl+Fuchs.

* Real Estate documents for ADMOVING SA, etc.

* Geotechnical Studies for de Cerenville, etc.

* Documents on Sports field UEFA, horse riding, Fitness Machines (Tophyvibe, Luxvibe) etc.

* Automotive oil brochures for Castrol.

* Documents on Ecology for Carbonplanet.

* Documents on Jewelry for Pomellato (Dodo).

* Documents on Fashion: Valentino, H&M, Lacoste, Kartell handbags and shoes (new), etc.

* Assurances Seguros Bolívar.

* Furniture for Kartell.

* Religion for the Carmelite Order, etc.

* Books for Women and Children.

* Cosmetics Ecocert (Argan's oil), Pupa cosmetics, Lacoste, Flori Roberts, etc.

* Advertising Campaigns: Ferrero Rocher, Mon Chéri, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Sports, Kinder Joy, Kinder Pinguì, Kinder Maxi, Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder Sandwich, Kinder Garden, Nutella, McDonalds, Barilla, H&M, Lacoste, Coca-Cola, Pupa cosmetics, etc.

Some of the advertising spots I have translated: to hear ads, please, mute background music by pressing the key at the bottom of the screen
para escuchar los anuncios puedes detener la música de fondo en la tecla situada al final de la página

* Websites for several enterprises: Tourism, Plastics, Hotels, Fashion, Parfums and Cosmetics, Oenology, Medicine, Engineering (pumps, presses), Software (Remote Utilities), etc....

DBApparel Website: (several brands: Wonderbra, Lovable, Abanderado, Princesa, Dim, Unno, etc.)

Lacoste for women

Lacoste for men

* Geotechnical Studies for a French Townhall, etc.
* Nathalia Brodskaya's book "Impressionism" into "Impresionismo". Colección: Numen. Editorial: AMS (Advanced Marketing Service). 2006.

link (click here)

* Susanna Trossero's book "Ladri di Vita" into "Ladrones de Vidas". Graphe.it 2012

link (click here)

* Lorena Laurenti's book "Nero Assoluto" into "Negro Absoluto". Colección: SelfPublishing. 2015.

link (click here)

* Documents about Plastics Manufacture, Press Machines, ....
* Documents on religion: Carmelite Order, etc..
* Software: Datafarm 10, SmartDairy, etc..


· Nurse in Primary Care Trusts. July 1995 - January 2000. Atención Primaria Santander-Laredo. Santander.
· Nurse in Hospital Wards. Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. January 2000 - January 2001.
· Midwifery formation. Vall d’Hebron Hospital, Barcelona. February 2001- February 2003.

· Midwife in Primary Care Trusts (control during the pregnancy, contraception information and family planning, sexual education for High school students, classes for pregnant women (focused on delivery, baby care, postpartum care...), groups targeted to menopausal women. Barcelona, February 2003-November 2003.
· Midwife in Delivery Room. Mataró Hospital. Barcelona. June 2003 - November 2003.
· Midwife in Primary Care Trusts (see contents above).Valladolid, November 2003 - July 2004.
· Midwife in Delivery Room. Clinico and Rio Hortega Hospitals. Valladolid, March 2004 - June 2004.
· Midwife in Delivery Room. Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. Santander. July 2004 - September 2005.

I currently work as a Midwife

· Trainer of Syntothermic Method for Natural Family Planning. 45 hours. Acodiplan. Barcelona, 2001.
· Course on “High risk Pregnancies: assessment and control during pregnancy and delivery”. 40 hours. Hospital Clínico Universitario. Sacyl. Valladolid 2006.
· Course on “HPV and Cervical Cancer”. 6 hours. Gerencia de Atención Primaria Valladolid Este. Sacyl. 2006.
· Course on “Gender Violence”
. 30 hours. Cantabrian College of Nurses. Santander. 2005.
· Course on “Nutrition: Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity”
. Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. Santander 30 hours. 2005.
· Course on “Pediatrics and Child care”
. 100 hours. Logoss School. 2005.
· Course “Assessment and Development in Childhood”
. 100 hours. Logoss School. 2005.
· Course “Pathologies most suffered by Infants”
. 100 hours. Logoss School. 2005.
· Course “Disorders and Psychopathology in Infants”
. 100 hours. Logoss School. 2005.
· Course “Massage and Nursing”
. 40 hours. Cantabrian College of Nurses. Santander. 2005
· Course “Pediatrics Update”
. 250 hours. Health Service Department in Canary Islands. 2005.
· Course “Bioethics”
. 30 hours. Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. Santander. 2005.
· Course “Basic Research Methodology”
. 40 hours. Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. Santander. 2005.
· Course “Primary Care Nursing Approach”
. 20 hours. Cantabrian College of Nurses. Santander. 2005.
· Course “Primary Care for Inmigrants”
200 hours. Health Service Department in Canary Islands. 2005.
· Course “Technical English Language”
. 20 hours. Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. Santander. 2005.
· Session: “Update in Assisted Reproduction”
. FIValladolid 2004.
· Course “Urinary infection: manage and prevention”
. Spanish Gynaecology Association (SEGO) and cols. 5,5 credits.
· Course “The pelvic floor in Menopause”
. 15 hours. Atención Primaria Valladolid Este. 2003.
· Course "Update on Hormonal Contraception and Intrauterine Devices”
. 4 hours. Catalonian Midwifes Association. Barcelona, 2001.
· Symposium "Donation and Use of the Umbilical Cord Blood”
. 4 hours. La Caixa Foundation. Barcelona, 2001.
· Course “Update: Female Control in Primary Care”
.25 hours. Santander, 1999.
· Course “Stress at Work”
. 20 hours. Cantabrian Government. 1999.
· Course “Update: Emergences in Primary Care”
. 30 hours. Cantabrian Government, 1999.
· Course “Assertiveness: techniques”
. 20 hours. Town Hall of Santander, in association with the Cantabrian College of Nurses. 1998.
· Course “Temperature and Dampness conditions at Work”
. Centre for the Health at Work. Cantabrian Government. 20 hours. Santander, 1998.
· Course “Information and Safety Standards”
. Centre for the Health at Work. Cantabrian Government. 25 hours. Santander, 1998.
· Course “Nursing and Specialised Care”
. Complutense University of Madrid. 125 hours. Health Sciences School. Madrid, 1996.
· Course “Drugs and addictions”
. Cantabrian Government. 20 hours. Santander 1996.
· Course “Clinical and Psychosocial Approach to Old People”
. Canarian Centre for Health Studies. 240 hours. 1995-96.
· Nursing Session "A view to Nursing Specialization"
. Santander, 1995.

· Course “Clinical and Psychosocial Approach in Cancer patients”
Canarian Centre for Health Studies. 240 hours. 1994-95.

· Course “Natural Deliveries"
. (one weekend). Centre for Natural Deliveries Acuario. Beniarbeig, Alicante. June 2002.
· Course “Violence at home: abuse on children, women and old people"
. Vall d’ Hebron Hospital, in association with the Catalonian Society of Psychiatrics. Barcelona. 2002.

· Course “Violence at home: Psychical abuse”
. ". Vall d’ Hebron Hospital, in association with the Catalonian Society of Psychiatrics. Barcelona. 2003.
· Session “An approach to the Haptonomy, the affection Science"
. Vall d’Hebron Hospital. Barcelona. 2001.
· Session "AIDS International Day: experiences in Mataró”
. Mataró Hospital, Barcelona, 2001.
· X Session “Update: Screening and Treatment of preinvasive lesions in cervical Cancer”
. 6 hours. Town Hall of Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona, 2001.
· III Session "Drugs and another forms of abuse"
. Town Hall of Madrid. 10 hours 1997.

· “Menopause Care Program”
, Unidad Docente de Matronas de Cataluña. (Catalonian School of Midwives). 2002.
· Session "School and Healthy hearts"
(session targeted to 6 to 12-year-old children); in association with the Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital, Santander. 1998.

· Course “Teaching the teachers”
. 400 hours. University of Vigo, 2003.
· CAP (Course to become Teacher in High School), Hospitalary Processes
. University of Cantabria. 2005.

· “Update on Familiar Planning. New Methods”
. Targeted to General Practitioners and Nurses. 2 hours. Delicias I Primary Care Trust. Valladolid. 2004.
· “Contraception and Sexuality in Adolescence”
. 4 hours. For students (teenagers). Lestonnac High School. Valladolid. 2004.
· “Contraception and Sexuality in Adolescence”
. 4 hours. For students (teenagers). Lestonnac High School. Valladolid. 2005.

· Solfa from 1st to 4th course. Conservatory of Valladolid. 1986-1990
· Choir formation. Conservatory of Valladolid. 1991.
· Piano. 3 years. Conservatory of Valladolid. 1991-1993.

Since 1996.

Completed Education in Spain and several courses in Italy.

*2200-8000 words/day.
Palabras clave: Medizinische Übersetzungen, traducción económica, traducción jurídica, traducción médica, traductora profesional, traductora inglés-español, traductora italiano-español, traductora francés-español, traductora portugués-español, traducciones profesionales, traduzione medica, traduzione farmaceutica, medical translation, technical translation, traducción medicina, medicine translation, traducciones medicina, traduzione medicina, traduction medicine, medicine translator, traductor medicina, traductores medicina

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