From linguist to heading a professional agency - Managing the change of roles

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Topic: Grow your translation business

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This two module conceptual and actionable programme prepares a freelance linguist / project manager / aspirant agency owner for the change of role needed. A freelance linguist turned agency owner shares real-life, direct input on the challenge of founding, leading and growing with an agency. The presentation shares practitioner's insight into issues which are fundamentally different than encountered in the previous role. It also tells the rewards that follows the challenges.

It provides modularized, practical and actionable tips to manage finance and time (and crisis), building supply chains (and creative destruction of them), marketing and brand-induction (freelance brand to agency brand), SSSH techniques (Segmentation, Social Networking, Stealth and Honour) in building, running and leading an Agency.
Target audience
Linguists who are either contemplating to start an agency OR those who are already functioning like an agency and wants to balance the roles better and grow on both the roles.
Topics covered during the presentation
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Managing the self
  • From diligent worker to intelligent delegator
  • (Global) Time management
  • Stress management - not only one's own
  • From self-discipline to mentoring discipline

Change of Roles
  • Building and Managing Supply Chains
  • Bi-Polar financial world : getting paid to paying others
  • Financial Management - Cash Flow, Profit Margin, Revenue, Liquidity, Credit
  • Self Marketing to Team Marketing
  • Branding other's work for your brand

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From linguist to heading a professional agency - Managing the change of roles
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 Pritam Bhattacharyya    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Pritam Bhattacharyya is essentially a Bengali/Sylheti/Assamese linguist with 11 years of experience. He is the Founder and Chief Wordsmith of an agency called Wordsmith Communication. which apart from language services in pan-Indic languages provides Creative Content and Print on Demand Services. He is editor of - a bilingual (English / Bengali) cultural monthly ezine on Greater Bengal. He had worked as a Telecom Engineer and later as a IP Network Manager in various cross-cultural Telecom teams worldwide. He holds his Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Masters in Communication Management from Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow. Pritam lives and works in Calcutta, India his city by adoption. His b-log on translation and online business can be seen here at
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