Avoiding burnout for busy translators: the lowdown on lymphatic and muscular training

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Duration:60 minutes
Summary:Learn to identify the warning signs of the kind of physical burnout translators suffer from. It is no coincidence that the same type of ailments affect translators wherever they work in the world. For cerebral professionals such as translators, acquiring knowledge about the causes behind the pain is the first step. From there, re-balancing your muscles and keeping your lymphatic system moving will keep you pain free and productive even during those times when you have tough deadlines to meet. This talk provides up-to-date information that is, surprisingly, not very well known.
This webinar is based on slides and the odd short video. Learn why simply joining a gym is not the best solution for busy translators and why aerobic exercise is not the perfect solution it is painted to be either. This webinar is based on the latest research into physical training and will also include tips on the kind of constant small preventive measures that are necessary to keep your lymphatic system circulating throughout a busy day. It provides the outlines of a home-based training program that builds the right balance of muscle and employs the kind of stretches especially suited to translators who must work with intense mental focus. This webinar is intended as a 'translators anti-burnout plan' to guide your gym or home workouts and help structure your work time. Innovative but proven training techniques will be explained with lots of references for further research. The webinar is led by a personal trainer and translator who learnt the hard way about debilitating physical burnout, what it costs both physically and financially. The principal objective of the course is to inform and educate so as to help fellow translators avoid unnecessary pain and the loss of productive work time.
Target audience
Translators with a heavy workload
Translators with recurrent physical pain and tension
Learning objectives
Translators need knowledge about the kind of stress on their bodies that their work implies. Although our minds are our most important tool, we also depend on our bodies to see us through our projects. The course goes step by step through the muscles and tendons that are most stressed by our work, and provides working knowledge of how to keep the lymphatic system healthy. The webinar provides information and exercises specific to a busy translators, it is a "user's manual" intended to empower translators to be their own best personal trainer so that pain and debilitation never get out of control.
A mirror, full length if possible
A desire to take a proactive approach and a willingness to invest some time in your physical health.
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*Quick biography of the presenter, explaining the personal experience behind the information
*Why we are unbalanced - the roots of common problems
*Self assessment - students make a personal physical / health assessment based on common markers
*Step by step through the body parts explaining functions and weaknesses, and how to rebalance
*Overview of the lymphatic system and methods that are easily incorporated into a working day to keep it healthy
*Delivery of resource pack of wonderful links for deepening your knowledge.
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Marta Maojo    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: My career in Personal Training began some 23 years ago after my previous work in Human Resources was cut short by a debilitating case of tendinitis or, as per the official denomination, Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS). The only successful means of overcoming the pain and limitation of OOS was by following a guided muscle-building, Pilates and yoga training course with personal trainers. Like so many other office workers, I had serious postural problems despite an active lifestyle, After my doctor insisted that I needed to find a new career, not associated with mousework or sitting at a desk, I qualified as a Personal Trainer, Aqua fitness Instructor and Swimming Instructor. My qualifications are internationally recognised by FISAF, Network Fitness and Austswim. I trained for 6 intensive months at a Pilates Studio in Sydney and took a Pilates for Trainers course. My new career offered me the opportunity to pass on what I had learnt through suffering. Despite my doctor's warning I was able to slowly incorporate more and more work at a desk back into my life, I love writing and researching and editing photos so I had to re-learn a whole new approach to that desk and office chair lifestyle. Slowly my work as a translator, work which I love because it is both creative and exacting, has increased. I now combine my personal training work with freelance translating. My driving philosophy as a trainer is to empower the client with information and with a personalised, structured exercise program for their particular needs. It is wonderful to observe the consistent and gradual changes in clients who train regularly, they overcome imbalances and come away stronger. The final objective of this kind of training is to prepare the client to be their own trainer because, let's be honest, a personal trainer is a luxury that may be necessary for a while but it is financially impossible to maintain forever. I find that information makes people strong mentally and motivates them so explaining theory to my clients has always seemed to me to be really important. I have discovered that although we are all different there are some training and diet guidelines that apply to nearly everyone. I currently live and work in Valencia Spain. Recently, Insights about the lymphatic system opened up a whole new field of fitness for me and I now incorporate some very specific, not to mention enjoyable, exercises into my workday. With my new grip on mind-fullness, lymphatic health and my older hard-won postural balance I feel stronger than I ever have. I am passionate about passing on what I know to friends and clients.
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