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Vito Smolej
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Articles by this Author
» How to spell-check your TRADOS translation memories
By Vito Smolej | Published 07/13/2005 | CAT Tools | Recommendation:
It's easier than you think.
» Add entries to your term base - with a little help from Excel
By Vito Smolej | Published 11/27/2005 | CAT Tools | Recommendation:
One of very nice features in a CAT product is a possibility to pretranslate the text and find the most frequent segments in it. How about something similar for term bases?
» Found in translation – meet Alice, Bob and Carol
By Vito Smolej | Published 12/8/2005 | Business Issues | Recommendation:
Oh, could we all ride our Freelance Cruisers down the Translation Boulevard into linguistic Hollywood! I for sure would like to be in that happy crowd. But, looking into my rearview mirror I am not that sure... Here's one thing that happened to me on my ride. Keep your fingers off your keyboards for a moment and have a laugh.
» Found in translation - Have TRADOS, will translate
This was my second order and to start the story right where it ended, the lady is still one of my bigger accounts. I'll call her Dorothy, like in Wizard of Oz. And to tell you the truth, there were times, where it felt like we were not in Kansas anymore.
» How to translate changing documents
By Vito Smolej | Published 02/26/2006 | CAT Tools | Recommendation:
Customers with documents undergoing regular changes are a very attractive business: they come back for more.
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