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August 12, 2015, 10:00 pm
GreciaThessalonikiIn persongriego

This is final update on our Powwow in Thessaloniki. Finally I came to conclusion that it is better if we meet at Cafe Oval close to Leukos Pyrgos, since this seems to be more suitable place for this time of year. So, I am looking forward to meet you all on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 20:00 at Cafe Oval, Filikis Etaireias 1. The table is reserved on my name (Kostas Zgafas). Ask the waiter/waitress, they will be informed and will direct you to the table.

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Name NoteWill Attend
Kostas Zgafas  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" ...  
Marianna M   ...  
Christine Cooreman   ...  
Olga Hatzigeorgiou   Would very much like to attend and meet with all of you, but I might not be in town on the above date  m
Constantinos Lymperis   Clockwork Pig is a fine meeting place for me on August 12th  

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