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sueco al inglés Arquitectura Translation Glossary

sueco term inglés translation
A- och K- handlingar Layout and structural drawings
Entered by: Paul Lambert
abbreviation (ha) Hectare (English) / Hektar (Swedish)
angöring access
arkitekttävling architect competition
Entered by: Michele Fauble
åtsnörpt restricted
Entered by: Paul Lambert
överdäckning street overbuild
Entered by: Michele Fauble
baksida (in this context) downside/drawback/problem
bakutrymmen ancillary areas/spaces
Entered by: Helen Johnson
byggnadsfysikaliska resonemang architectural engineering considerations
Entered by: David Rumsey
entrépartiet entryway; foyer; lobby; (literally: entry part)
fasad façade/facade
fasadliv facade plane
Entered by: Michele Fauble
fast fönster fixed window
Entered by: Anders Dalström
förgårdsmarker forecourt areas
formspråk idiom, artistic idiom
Entered by: Paul Lambert
formstark boldly designed/solidly designed
helhet (in this context) system
HG-skiss tenant layout
Entered by: Helen Johnson
Hylla Balcony
Entered by: Paul Lambert
i dager (berg) visible (ie, exposed rock face)
Entered by: SafeTex
list trämönstrad flea skikt. edging strip with laminated wood effect
ljusgård atrium
Nötta hus timeworn
omvänd karnis reversed ogee
Entered by: micawber_7
planprogram/lokalprogram comprehensive external and internal plans (drawings)
Entered by: Paul Lambert
platsbildning creating an open space
portik ornate porch or entryway (portico from the Latin)
portiken portico (hall), entrance hall
Entered by: Paul Lambert
punkthus high-rise apartment building; vertical slum
regelstomme framework
Entered by: Anders Dalström
rumsbildande partitions/partitioning
Entered by: Anders Dalström
rumsgestaltning spatial design
samlad volym single structure
Entered by: Paul Lambert
saxad herringboned
Entered by: Agneta Pallinder
säteritak säteritak (Swedish manor-house roof)
Entered by: Christian Schoenberg
slipade betongelement polished concrete slabs
smalhusen the apartment houses with 2 flats on each floor per staircase; Narrow block of houses
spänger walkways / gangways
Entered by: Paul Lambert
stråk work area, zone
Sutterängsplanet the lower ground level
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