The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

español a inglés Telecomunicaciones Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
BAJANTE LATERAL side downpipe/lateral downpipe
Entered by: liz askew
Balance a tierra Ground balance
Balance de masas mass/material balance (accounting)
balsa de decantación settling basin
banda ciudadana Citizens Band
Entered by: Berni Armstrong
banda de destino destination band
Entered by: Yasutomo Kanazawa
Banda Local (here) Local Band (frequency)
bandas atribuidas a título primario bands attributed on a primary basis
banners autorportantes Self-standing banners
Entered by: Daniel Coria
Bases de Cotización bid terms and conditions
Entered by: Clifford Schisler
BB.DD Database(s)
BBDD DB (database)
Entered by: BristolTEc
BD de pares DB (or database) of [twisted] pairs
beneficio allowance
Entered by: Jane Martin
bicordios two tone beeps / test beeps
binodo dual node interconnection (dni)
Entered by: BristolTEc
bitácora log
Blindaje de la base Securing the base
bloque televisivo net program time
Entered by: Marcelo González
bloqueo de celdas cell blocking
Entered by: Marijke Singer
boletín tecnológico technology bulletin
bolsa (one of the features in a mobile phone) Stocks
Entered by: Kimberlee Thorne
bolsa de dinero (in this context) "pot" of money
Entered by: Paul Stevens
Bolsa de minutos Package of minutes
Bolsa de Navegación (Prepaid) Data Package/Plan
boneteria ticketing (boletería)
Entered by: Catherine Harrison
boten el precio en el mercado ruin the price on the market//take the bottom out of/make the bottom fall out of the market
botones buttons
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
BRETS (spread spectrum systems) (ETSI) [Broadband Radio] European Telecommunication Standard (300.328)
brujos fortune-tellers
Entered by: BristolTEc
bucle desagregado disaggregated loop
buen mano ease of use / easy handling
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
cabecera heading/opening/title
cabecera headend / head-end
cabeceras de radiofrecuencia radiofrequency headends
cabezote opening credits
cabina de distribución distribution panel
Entered by: bigedsenior
cabinas mixtas o puras two-way or one-way booths
cable cruzado or fibra optica twisted pair or fiber optic cable
Entered by: two2tango
cable subterráneo underground cable
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