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español al inglés Jergas Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
"después me guardé" then I holed up/then I laid low
"¿Ya le dió peras el jardín?" so, everything turned out alright?
"dar vuelta el paragüas" Volverse homosexual
"el papel aguanta todo" anything and everything can be said on paper
"más largo que esperanza de pobre" longer than an elephant's memory
"niquelao" & "vaya marron" niquelao=shiny/spotless, marrón=problem/complication
"nos encajaron la cumbre" we got stuck with the summit
Entered by: Luis Javier Otoya
"Ojo de odin" Odin's Eye
"quita cargas" seizing/confiscating shipments
Entered by: Edward Tully
"sombra negra" sombra negra
"soy de palabra" I keep my word/Word of honor(honour)/
"Tigere" and Other Dominican Slang Jergas de habla español
"tres millones de p...[endejos]" "three million s...[uckers]"
... se llevaron ... ... went off with...
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
...jodiendo... ... are a real pain in the ass ...
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
?cómo bueyes? How's it looking?
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
a nuevo entrenador, victoria segura the new manager effect
a todo gusto with pleasure
Abrete la verga Move the fuck out of my way/get the fuck out of here
Abrir el tarro Let the cat out of the bag/spill the beans
acaba rostro cum/nut/squirt on [his] face
Entered by: David Jessop
achanchado sluggish, lethargic
acidez reflux / acidity
Adivina adivinador. Riddle me re / riddle me this
Entered by: William Pairman
Agachar el moño bow your head and conform
agandallar/angandalle to take advantage of, deceive, bamboozle/deception
agarra sticks to
Entered by: Marie Wilson
agarrar rabos grabs people by the tail
agarró (muletilla) went
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
agonizado in agony / about to die
aguada limp
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
aguevársele chicken out
Entered by: portilla
al frío le soplo play along//go with the flow (see below)
al tiro keeps the closest eye on me / is most aware of what's happening with me
al tiro Perfect.
Allá ustedes It´s at your own risk if you...
alma gemela & alma en pena soul mate & lost soul
andar como voladita Be into someone/interested in someone/flirting
andar en güichi to go barhopping
andava en mis volas I was doing my own thing / I was in my own little world
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