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español al inglés Materiales (plástico, cerámica, etc.) Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
cal teñido en masa, tinted whitewash (en masse)
Entered by: Irène Guinez
"tejiclo" (play on words) I recycle materials - I rematerialise/rematerialize
Entered by: Edward Tully
(resinas) foto-reticulantes UV light induced crosslinking (resins), photo-crosslinking (resins)
(restos de) miera (pieces of) pine resin
Entered by: Charles Davis
*Centro de trabajo a control númerico* numeric control work station
Entered by: Susana Magnani
... clientes, de los cuales tenemos pedidos concretos clients that have placed firm orders with us
Entered by: Edward Tully
a llana con remolinado trowelled with a swirling pattern
Entered by: Irène Guinez
a rompe junta in a staggered fashion
Entered by: Iulia Matei
a testa by butt joint / butt splice
Acañonado Shell
Entered by: David Russell
acero escobado brushed steel
Acero Laminado en Frio Doble Recocido Gobular Cold rolled steel with double globular annealing
acerolit Acerolit (galvanized sheet roofs)
acondicionador para pisos floor conditioner
acrilo-nitrilo acrylonitrile
Acrilonitrilo butadieno Estireno acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
agregados pétreos stone aggregates
aire parásito parasite air, parasitic air, infiltrated air
Entered by: BristolTEc
alcadafe a wine bottle drip tray
alistonado lumber-cored
amarre al conductor conductor tie / conductor-tie
Entered by: Coral Getino
anafe cooktop / rangetop
Entered by: Raúl Waldman
aneladas annealed
anillos de Rilsan Rilsan rings
aparejo de juntas jointing rig
Entered by: Iulia Matei
aplicador applicator
aplicados por arrastre Roll Coating
Entered by: Lucy Williams
aplicados por extrusión. applied by extrusion
Entered by: Lucy Williams
apolillado de madera woodworm effect
arca (glass making) secondary furnace / low temperature furnace
arcaduz bucket
arcilla desmenuzada crumbled clay
asfaltenos asphaltenes
ácido pentanoicoeicosa (EPA) / ácido docosahexanoico (DHA) eicosa pentanoic acid (EPA) / docosa hexanoic acid (DHA)
Entered by: Fabio Descalzi
banda desolidarizadora isolation joint
banda fonoaislante sound-isolating strip
barbotinas para atomizado slip sprays
Entered by: Parrot
barra de laton estampadas y con acabados para Francia finished, pressed brass bar for France
barra oscilante sway bar
basculador tippler
Entered by: psicutrinius
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