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español a inglés Recursos humanos Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
revocación de mandato revocation of mandate
Entered by: philgoddard
rezonificación "rezoning"
riesgo laboral occupational hazard or risk in the work place
riesgos laborales en el puesto de trabajo workplace health and safety risks
rotas roster (Am. English)/rota (Br. English) or schedules
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
RP - rendimiento próximo nearly satisfactory performance
RUT (Registro Unico Tributario) taxpayer identification number
salario de tablas pay tables
Entered by: Wendy Cummings
salario de tramitación back pay
salario diario integrado consolidated daily wage
salario hora: nocturno y festivo hourly rate: night shift and holiday
SALARIOS CONVENIO MÁS MEJORA VOLUNTARIA salary as per collective bargaining agreement plus voluntary additional payment
Entered by: Kathleen Misson
salas limpias clean rooms
SAR e I.M.S.S. Retirement Saving System and Social Security
Entered by: Marian Greenfield
séptimos días seventh days
Sólidas relaciones personales y comerciales al más alto nivel. solid high-level personal and business relations
Entered by: Maru Villanueva
Se (ha) aportado bien conmigo he treated me very well or he behaved very well with me
Entered by: Cynthia Coan
se ajustaran a los mínimos legales would be adjusted to the legal minimums
se aproxime ... al presupuesto comes close to the budget
se buscará que... satisfaga will seek to / will be designed to
se consustancia he identifies himself (with) / he feels identified (with)
se desplaza en su espacio de trabajo moves around in his work space
Entered by: Remy Arce
se han perdido recursos humanos they have lost staff/personnel /they have suffered a high staff/personnel turnover
Entered by: Sarah Weston
se les respetó was ( ) respected
se pagará la suma única sin compromisos posteriores will make a one time payment without further obligation or commitment
se realice una dinámica interna carry out an icebreaker/ice-breaker exercise/activity
se retiró de la administración pública left the public sector
Se trata de movilizar la inteligencia y creatividad colectiva It focuses on harnessing /It seeks to develop (tap into) collective creativity and intelligence
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
Se valorará preference will be given to
Secretaria de Trabajo y Previsión Social Secretary of Labor and Social Insurance
Entered by: silviantonia
secretarial secretarial
Secretario de Asuntos Legales y Reivindicativos secretary for legal affairs and claims / legal and claims secretary
sectorizadas con respecto a pasillos cerrados designated according to hallway closings
secuela del trámite del presente asunto next phase of the formalities of this matter
seguir de cerca to keep close track of
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
seguros de vida para zonas de alto riesgo Life Insurance for high risk areas
Selección por competencias en la práctica Screening based on qualifications shown on-the-job
semana en fondo (1 week of ) personal time/comp time/flex time
semanas cotizadas qualifying weeks
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