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español term inglés translation
insertarse en un ambiente laboral improve [...] job prospects
profesional universitario de planta provisional temporary university staff (member)
y su resultado sea paritario and it results in a tie
Entered by: EirTranslations
"correcto" in this context OK place to work
"Delegacion de Trabajo" labor representatives
"implicitos" implicit / tacit
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
% sobre la jornada habitual de la empresa percentage of the company's normal working day
Entered by: philgoddard
(Argentina) ausencia de notificacion failure to give notice
Entered by: guillen
(conocimientos) bajos Basic
(derecho) al ejercicio de la vida sindical exercise union rights
(El candidato posee un) desarrollo de su potencial intelectual (The candidate's) level of intelligence
Entered by: James A. Walsh
(no) todo el monte es orégano life is (not) all a bowl of cherries
(políticas) asistenciales benefits (policies)
(trabajar en) jornada abierta (work) a rotating shift schedule
(worker) for the duration of the job (trabajador) fijo de obra
, en base a las facultades que a la misma se le atribuyen en el artículo 103 del , based on the powers granted thereto by Section......
...en la actuacion que se pretende llevar a cabo? in the action/activity to be carried out
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino nos dice...... see question for whole phrase ihe doesn´t tell us he doesn´t want, nor does he tells us we are expensive..
6 meses sin intereses six month 0% interest
a alto nivel excellent speaking skills
A CTA CONVENIO Excess from the minimum basic salary as per CBA (Collective bargaining agreements)
Entered by: Andrea Sacchi
a estas alturas at this point / at this juncture / at this advance stage / as it stands
a la demandada se le tendrá por contestada en sentido afirmativo a judgment by default shall be entered against the defendant
a la línea line management/line managers
Entered by: Alicia Orfalian
a la orden del dia to be widespread/an everyday occurrence/frequent/common/usual
a lo no redactado en este acuerdo with respect to matters not covered by this agreement
a partir de la fecha del acta del concurso en que conste su aprobación with effect from the published date for the competitive exam which the candidate passed
Entered by: EirTranslations
a título particular in a personal or individual capacity / personally
a valores compatibles con salarios involucrados paying or charging amounts/fees which are proportionate/ compatible with salaries involved
AA.CC. acciones correctivas
Entered by: Robert Forstag
abandono de la relación de trabajo leaving employment
abbreviation in Spanish: CAP CAP (proper name)
Abogado Independiente Independent Lawyer
absorber hasta su concurrencia ...shall absorb, until reaching their same level, all remunerations...
acción de prensa press coverage
accidente in itinere accident on the way to and from work
acciones de personal personnel actions
Acciones de Research Laboral workforce research activities
acciones de retención actions for retention
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
acelerado en la conversación he speaks rather fast
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