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español a inglés Silvicultura / Madera / Madera de construcción Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
fusiforme fusiform
guapinol (common English name) Hymenaea courbaril L. [known as Brazilian copal, West Indian locust, amami-gum, among others]
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
Guiso de sepia... risotto alla Milanesa made with cuttlefish stew
Entered by: Nikki Graham
hidrología y corrección de torrentes hydrology and flood control/correction
Entered by: Marcelo González
humedal con importante avifuana wetland with significant bird population
iguá Gavilian tree
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
incendio de copa a crown fire / canopy fire
ingeniero de monte forest engineers
jardines clonales juveniles cloning gardens
la Danta burro tapir (Tapirus bardii)
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
la inmediata superior constante to the constant (class) immediately above
la tinta y el chancro chestnut ink desease and chancre
lamas de papel estructurado mecanizadas mechanised structured paper slats
langa de madera wooden stile
Entered by: Donovan Libring
Las zonas litorales...Denia, Javea etc The coastal areas of Marina Alta, including the Denia region, Javea, etc. in the province of ...
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
lenga lenga (Notophagus pomilia, kind of beech)
llanuras terciarias Tertiary plains
madera de primavera y verano earlywood (spring wood)/latewood
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
mallado medullary rays
manejote Use of (controlled exercises/essays) (typo)
Maquinado/cepillado (madera) Planning
Matorrales Arborescentes woody scrubland
Máquina faqueadora slicing machine
médulas piths, heart centers
método de beneficio coppice method
Entered by: liz askew
medias lunas o servidor de trozas half-moon-shaped log dogs
Menguante lunar waning moon
Metro Ruma y Pulgada Pinera Retain the Spanish terms and give measurements
micronaje micron count, micron density
molde cuadriculado (wooden) grid (frame/mould)
montes protectores protection forests
Entered by: patinba
munirse obtain
Entered by: bigedsenior
nervios horizontales y transversales horizontal and transverse ribs
Entered by: liz askew
niveles altitudinales suprasílvicos treeline
o conducir a su mayor compra The project will NEITHER finance the purchase.......NOR promote their purchase, use or storage
Ordenación silvopastoral silvopastoral management
pedúnculo stem/ stalk/peduncle
Pelosilla de playa o Pegamosques Catchfly
perfil hídrico water profile
Entered by: Nikki Graham
perfiles doblados double-faced pieces
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