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español a inglés Educación / Pedagogía Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
Bachiller y Licenciado Bachelor's Degree and Professional License
Entered by: Christina Green
Bachillerato High School Graduate; High School Diploma; Secondary Education
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
Bachillerato keep name in SP and explain that it is equivalent to UK A levels
Bachillerato (en el Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades) Preparatory School
bachillerato abierto open high school
bachillerato academico (equivalent to) High School Diploma
Bachillerato BUP, LOGSE, LOCE, REM See note
Entered by: David Russell
Bachillerato con capacitación laboral como auxiliar en administración High School Diploma with work training [on-the-job training] as an Administrative Assistant
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
Bachillerato con Orientación Docente Baccalaureate with Educational Orientation
bachillerato dentro del tipo medio Upper Secondary Education
bachillerato diurno daytime high school program (of study)
bachillerato en el area de ciencias fisico matematicas high school diploma with a specialization/major in mathematics and physics
bachillerato externo day school (your option)
Bachillerato Mercantil High School Diploma with Business Orientation
Bachillerato propedéutico estatal (México) State University preparatory program
bachillerato semiescolarizado High Schoool Equivalency diploma
Entered by: Robert Copeland
bachillerato técnico technical high school diploma
Bachillerato Tecnico Bachillerato Técnico (Technical High School Diploma)
Entered by: Robert Carter
BACHILLERATO UNICO 'Equivalent to GSCE 'O' levels or USA High School Diploma
Bachillerato, Mención Prepara Regular High School Diploma by Regular Semi-Distance / Blended Learning
bajas withdrawals
bajo indice low academic average
Entered by: Bill Greendyk
bajos/bajas especiales special assignments
Baremo de titulados qualitative weighted average (equivalent to GPA)
barreras, bien físicas, arquitectónicas y/o comunicativas Barriers to communication, mobility and in the built environment
Entered by: EirTranslations
base formativa ...(teacher\'s) basic training
bases biológicas de la conducta Biological Bases for Behavior
bases didácticas didactic principles
Básica secundaria y Media Académica Middle and High School
básicos, medio y superior elementary, intermediate and advanced
Beca fellowship or scholarship (grant)
beca al mérito merit scholarship
beca de ampliacion de estudios scholarship for continuation of studies
beca de arancel y manutención scholarship that covers tuition, board, and lodging
beca de colaboración cooperation grant
beca estudios universitarios scholarship for university/college studies (in US)
becaria de colaboración collaborative fellow
Entered by: Victoria Porter-Burns
becaria de investigación research fellow
Entered by: Victoria Porter-Burns
becario grant recipient; scholarship recipient
Entered by: Marian Greenfield
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