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español a inglés Cosméticos / Belleza Translation Glossary

español term inglés translation
formación de los aplicadores the training of the technicians who apply the treatment?
identifique in this context affects
pedal de disparos trigger pedal
"La toca" "the wrap"
"reinventado en una moda encantada" An enchanting new take on
a ciegas blind testing techniques/blind study methodology
acción aperitiva aperient/laxative properties
Entered by: Jane Martin
aceptan muy bien respond well
acorde hespéride citrus/hesperide chord
Entered by: MJ Barber
adipocitolisis cavitacional cavitational adipocitolysis
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
agradable al tacto pleasant to the touch
agresiones stressors
agua fresca eau fraiche
Agua Termógena (Cosmética) Thermogenic water
Entered by: Andrea Quintana
alaciado hair straightening
aldeídicas aldehydic
Entered by: Diego Cruz, MD
ALISADOR , alisar hair straightener/hair relaxer
alquil silicons alkyl silicone
Entered by: liz askew
amarillo blanquecino pale yellow /whitish yellow
anclaje anchored
Entered by: bigedsenior
Anfótero amphoteric
antipicores soothes/relieves skin irritation and itching
Entered by: Kathleen Misson
Aportar nourish
aproximación (in this context) standardisation/standardization
Argeriline Argeriline is the trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide 3
Aromaterapia de aceites esenciales essential oils aromatherapy
aromaterapia de los aceites esenciales essential oil aromatherapy/aromatherapy using essential oils
Entered by: Rebecca Hendry
arreglo personal grooming/toileting
asertividad assertiveness
Azuleno natural Natural Azulene
Entered by: James A. Walsh
ácido pirrolidón carboxílico pyrrolidone carboxylic acid
área termolúdica thermal spa area
Entered by: Simon Bruni
óleo calcáreo Oleo-limestone liniment
baño de color color rinse
baño de novia bridal pampering
barba de semanas unshaven for some time
Bazares Advertising features
bergamota bergamot
bola burbujeante bath bomb
bono de 20 ss 20-session voucher
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