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japonés a inglés Transporte / Fletes Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
1等 first-class cabin
単車 Single car or single-carriage
可変巻数誘導線 variable-winding induction line
取卸し unload
人の障害 harm to humans
代表税番 Main Commodity(/HS) Code
使用の本拠の位置 Primary location for use
在姿車両旋盤 Under-floor type wheel lathe
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
バラエリア作業 work/operation in bulk cargo area
バイク便 motorbike courier
モーター開放 motor disengage
プラプロ Plant Project //Plant Planning
ピンホール積み Pinwheel stack/loading
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
デバン devan/unload
イメージパース Perspective Drawing
Entered by: Shannon Morales
カキトリミキサー scraper mixer/mixer with scraper
サービス報告書 Service report
内外線 inner and outer rail (track)
国部整飯車 MLIT Chubu Regional Bureau Iida Office Vehicle Department
個建料金 fee per unit
納品精度率 delivery accuracy rate
点字ブロック tactile paving
無線待料金 Waiting fee
Entered by: sideo
物情の作り方 arranging environments
特定記録書留 Acceptance-recorded mail & registered mail
特恵 preferential (treatment)
Entered by: seika
片面4方差し Single faced 4-way pallet
荷合せ assorting
荷送人 consigner or consignor (the party who consigns merchandise for delivery)
落ち着いた暖色の照明 warm subdued lighting
車端連結部 rail car/coach coupler
Entered by: Shannon Morales
車扱輸送 freight car transport
Entered by: Shannon Morales
輸入先(国) country of origin (of an imported product)
迎車回送料金 Pick-up fee
Entered by: sideo
船舶やケーソン等を回航 towing of vessel and structures such as caisson
Entered by: cinefil
is output "the result is displayed"
搭降載 loading and unloading
Entered by: Shannon Morales
格納器具 warehouse equipment / warehousing equipment

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