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japonés al inglés Ciencias sociales, sociología, ética, etc. Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
($BB>L1B2$H$N!K6&@8(B Living in harmony with equality (with other ethnic groups)
実践報告 practical report
実践対象 practical application or practical target
家庭基盤充実要綱 Guidelines for measures to improve family basis
万人 Everyone/Anyone
信仰行事 religious events/rituals/festivals
ゴチ Gothic (font)
スキを衝いて take advantage of (cash in on) the small interval ...
国境横断的 across national boundaries
「『賢慮』の一端 an example of (the court's) discretionary practices
現地の声 local voices
社会権的権利 / 自由権的権利 Social Rights / Rights for Freedom, Independence
社会扶養 social support
置き引き to (surreptitiously) walk away with someone else's baggage or possessions, a sneak thief
生活概論 Introduction to living
特性教育 gender-specific education
非正規雇用労働者 contingent worker
Entered by: Yuki Okada
裏腹の関係 runs contrary
Entered by: David Patrick
高度情報社会 advanced information society
買い物弱者 shopping refugee
Entered by: cinefil
軽度者 users who require low-level nursing care
鑑取り班 investigative team / detective squad
Entered by: David Patrick
若手国際研究拠点 International Center for Young Scientists
Entered by: Steven Smith
AはCからBを解き放つ A frees B from C
~を悪用した利権構造 a system abused by sectional interests
Entered by: David Patrick
模造宝石売り Seller of imitation (or fake) jewellery
比較文明社会論 comparative civilizational sociology; sociology of comparative civilization
活用が期待されている。 It is highly anticipated to utilize/apply
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
深層社会学 depth sociology
未来の先行性のなかに留まり続ける continue to stay in the precedingness of the future
本卦還り returning [going back] to the original Chinese zodiac [astrological] year
成果のリンク先 pathway to success
Entered by: David Patrick
戦争請負社会 war profiteering society
我有化 usurpation, appropriattion, arrogation, seizure
日本型福祉社会論 Japanese-style welfare society
悉皆調査 census survey
数珠回し Passing of the prayer beads ceremony (Juzumawashi)
所有権分譲方式 (property) unit ownership method

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