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近侍の臣 Attendant
...おそらくは... ... what is perhaps ...
たるやすごかった The/his/her/their reaction was amazing.
Entered by: Kanako Fujiwara
そうは、お前、体がもたんよ, 木(こ)の間(ま)に see at expl.
ばかねらるる worry for
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
ありはしないか? isn\'t there anything?
いつしかに before I knew it
いかに・・・どんなに  how ... no matter
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
名ごり remnant, cultural artifact
場をまとめる (inspire the group to) unite with a focus
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
大切な人たちがいることは、幸せなことだ。 To have people in your life who are precious to you is to know happiness.
子を盗ろのうたも昭和や梅日和 I miss the old song "kid-grabbing" of the Showa, on a fine plum-blooming day.
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
実千両 Senryo(Sarcandra glabra)
上方後部 upper rear (of stage)
丸緑 round frame
幻影とも思える政策 fanciful plans
今日の私をかくあらしめてくれた、学もなく (my mother) with little education, ... , who made me what I am today
会長室篇 Chairman\'s Stories or Stories in the Chairman\'s Room
佞武多 festival float of a brave warrior figure
当身 vital strike, staggering blow
Entered by: Noriko Fujiwara
忍耐戯,よくよくしようことなしの Solitaire, desperately for lack of an alternative
Entered by: kokuritsu
ミーン ミーン zing-zing-zing
Entered by: Alex Farrell
チャリ ding (of a bicycle)
モコレッチ Moccoletti
Entered by: Gemma Collinge
レベルの高い人 high-caliber person (guy)
Entered by: Shannon Morales
刃を返す counterattack
分度を知り他譲を心がける live up to one's own means, and devote oneself to the community's common good
スパゲッチ症候群 spaghetti syndrome
Entered by: cinefil
も口のうちに...ちっとも行き届きませんで see expl.
’X•v ‚ ‚‚¨
Entered by: Roberto Tokuda
素読 (simply) reading aloud
病識なく no awareness of the illness
Entered by: David Patrick
誰にもまして more than anybody else
鬼に金棒 unbeatable advantage
貴いてゆきたい I would like to treasure
軸はしっかりした男 a man of integrity
若葉風子規庵に聴く上野の鐘 Breeze on verdure, whilest at Shiki's resting place, I hear the bell from Ueno Station.
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
Masakatsu Agatu Katsuhayabi True victory is victory of self; may this happen at the speed of light!
Entered by: Monika Rozwarzewska
mutter obsequies / murmur obsequies 弔いの言葉を囁く
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