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japonés a inglés Medicina: Farmacia Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
$B%U%)%9%_%A%s(B fosmicin
$BC1:^(B single medication, single drug
原薬 bulk pharmaceuticals
健発 HSB Notice/Notification
単純性 simplicity, simple
南川化成(株) Minamikawa Kasei K.K.
受容体作働薬 (receptor) agonist
同種同効薬 drug(s) with the same indication(s)
塩酸ベンジタミン benzydamine hydrochloride
大麻樹脂 cannabis resin
変更品 сhanged products
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
契約症例数 contracted number of cases
実感量 sensibility in practice
導入 first/initial administration
Entered by: David Patrick
屯服薬 Medicines to be taken as needed
Entered by: Yasutomo Kanazawa
左右の短絡 left-to-right shunt / left-to-right intracardiac shunt
中間品 intermediates
Entered by: Manako Ihaya
乱走行 [myocardial fiber] disarray
乳塊 coagulated milk
企業医師 corporate doctors / medical doctors in the drug industry (in this context)
Entered by: Steven Smith
体制加算 incentives
Entered by: cinefil
体比 volume ratio
体液貯留型の低ナトリウム血症 Hypervolemic hyponatremia
体液正常型の低ナトリウム血症 euvolemic hyponatremia
後発医薬品製造会社 Generics manufacturer
医薬原体 active pharmaceutical ingredients
医薬審発 Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau Notification
Entered by: casey
医薬川下化 (focus on getting) pharmaceutical products ready for marketing/distribution/retailing
医薬品 Pharmaceuticals
医薬品優先対面助言品目指定申請 Designated as priority face-to-face advice product by PMDA
マイレン酢(?)クロルフェラニン、チオブロニン、グリチロン (?) maleic acid, chlorphemiramine, thioproline, glycyron
Entered by: seika
ハロシンチアキサンチン halocynthiaxanthin
メスアップ dilute to ~ with...
メソトレキセート methotrexate
レセプトコンピューター medical billing system
Entered by: Naoki Watanabe
プラノバール配合錠 Planovar Combination Tablets
プロバノール→プロパノール propanol
ピーク高さの中点におけるピーク幅 peak width at half height (of the peak)
デキストロメトルファンフェノールフタリン塩 dextromethorphan phenolphthalinate
フォーりー留置 Placement of Forley catheter
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