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japonés a inglés Medicina: Farmacia Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
錠剤プール装置 tablet container
部分拡大図 Enlarged view / Partial enlargement / Partial enlarged view
胸骨核化骨遅延、前肢中指骨化骨遅延 delayed sternal ossification, delayed ossification of the midddle finger of the forelimb
薬価法 Drug Pricing Rules
薬発第XXX号薬務局長通知 Yakuhatsu Notification No. XXX; Notification by the Director-General of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau
薬類商 Pharmacy
薬食審査発 PFSB/ELD Notification No.
Entered by: David Patrick
薬食機参発 PFSB/ELD Notification No.
Entered by: David Patrick
薬食機発 PFSB/ELD Notification
Entered by: David Patrick
開発スピードの加速化 accelerate the development speed
開鍵 code opening/code breaking/unblinding
Entered by: gauri tembe
自ら治験を実施する者 non-industry sponsored investigator
Entered by: David Patrick
配置用 for consignment
集中測定 centralized measurement
連結可能匿名化 linkable anonymizing
陰性病状の動物 animal models with negative symptoms
FDの打ちだし printout (copy) of the FD data
Entered by: Steven Smith
β2受容体刺激作用(選択性) β2-adrenergic receptor agonist (selective)
D体 D-form
O-グルクロン酸抱合代謝物由来 from O-glucuronidated metabolites
Entered by: David Patrick
PRT軟膏の3極出荷先別試験項目 test requirements of PRT ointment by trilateral destination
SDS-変法ローリー (SDS) modified Lowry procedure/method
Entered by: Steven Smith
xxxxx標準品の規格 specifications of the standard product [/standard specimen]
抗結腸直腸がん剤 anti-colorectal cancer drug
投与状況 dosing conditions
投与維持期 maintenance phase (or period)
Entered by: Shannon Morales
模倣による損害 losses incurred due to counterfeiting
横紋筋 striated muscle
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
比重 relative weight
毛嚢炎 folliculitis
気管肺 the trachea and the lung (気管・肺)
求める determine
注产 Note/Caution
消化管炭末輸送能 propulsion of charcoal meal through the gastrointestinal tract
溶出画分 elution fraction
準じて重篤 moderately severe
Entered by: Steven Smith
本品 this item / this product
本法 Above mentioned guidline
指摘事項 observation
Entered by: Steven Smith
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