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$B%Y%->h(B power
1999年と少々古いものになりますが As a result, in 1999 which is quite some time back, ...
1の位 the unit's place
1×2の母比率不等 1× 2 contingency table
3水準の列に2水準の因子を割り付ける Assign the Two level factor to one of the Three level column
80%の歪率となるまで圧縮した compressed at a speed of 0.5 mm/s until 80% deformation was achieved
Entered by: David Patrick
加法定理 addition theorem
べき回帰モデル power regression model
Entered by: Iyasu Nagata
吹き出し blow, Blow out, source
Entered by: Milind Joshi
合わせ込む make A correspond to B
Entered by: casey
各群の重心 (数量化Ⅱ類法) Center of gravity of each group
実績値 Actuals
乗つまり to the power of... that is/that's to say
Entered by: David Patrick
広く分布しており widely distributed
ノドイド nodoid
分位点 (残差分析) quantile
Entered by: cinefil
アンデュロイド unduloid
ウェイトバック weighted sampling
全質問平均値 average/mean score(s) across all questions
四捨五入する round off (round-off), round
倍積変形 construction for doubling the area
程度 one-dimensional
習熟率 learning rate
相互伝播モデル diffusion model (with interaction effects)
頂切 Truncated discrete valuation ring
裾度 tail
説明変数 explanatory variable
Entered by: Ian Wood
谷間 minimum / trough / valley
軸の正とした positive direction of the axis
関係度数 relative frequency
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
連続 continuous
2項関係行列で与えられる matrix representing binary relation
X番目の素数 Xth prime number
散らばりの尺度 degree of scatter
時計モデル式 (continous variables in) regression model

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