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japonés al inglés Mercadeo / Estudios de mercado Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
12直モジュール(在庫) Battery module comprising 12 series-connected cells (Inventory)
加算和 total appraisal
おかみさん proprietress, landlady
ご愛顧 patronage
Entered by: cinefil
売り場の演出 visual merchandising
定性調査のリクルート枠 sampling frame of qualitative investigation
市調T Market Research Team
一斉切り替え substitution
幹部職 Executives
広報大使には...TV局のアナウンサーを任命 Appoint a TV newscaster a public relations representative
広告物 advertising material
Entered by: David Patrick
広告接触率 reach
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
仕掛け scheme
体感デモ hands-on demonstration
メガネ一式 one frame plus a pair of lenses
ユニレベルだという内容 Unilevel
ルート販売 route sale
Entered by: David Patrick
ブランド冠称名称 brand naming
プレゼントパブリシティ Promotional gift campaign
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
ディール deal
Entered by: David Patrick
ウォレットカード wallet card
写真はイメージです The photo is for illustrative purposes only
Entered by: Shannon Morales
全員営業 everyone is a salesperson
「下ぶれリスク」 downswing risk
Entered by: seika
倉庫(ホンダロジ)着 arrival at Honda Logistics warehouse
B-EN-G奥 Toyo Business Engineering Corporation: [Mr/Ms. Okuta???]
管轄店舗 affiliated outlet
Entered by: David Patrick
純広告 pure advertisement
総変動原価 overall price fluctuation
絶対死守件数 baseline, 'do-or-die' minimum target
物販商品 merchandise
特定保守製品 Designated Specific Products
Entered by: seika
違和感の少ないとろみ剤 thickener that blends well with (the respective dish)
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
落とし込みに対して温度差 Individual differences in understanding
訴求ポイント selling points
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
説明販売 demonstration sales
諸施策 various strategies/measures/plans
Entered by: David Patrick
諸施策 the various strategies/measures/plans
Entered by: David Patrick
販売委託会社 consignment distributor
購買/調達 purchase/procurement
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