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japonés al inglés Derecho: (general) Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
執劫な Importunate, unrelenting
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
原告, 被告 (民事) Plaintiff, defendant
型式指定 designation of type
その恐れのある行為 is likely to (infringe)
健水発 Notice of the Water Supply Division, Health Service Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare
することとなる may end up in
史上最安が繰り返し更新されている Keep hitting a series of historic lows
右責任限度 Aforementioned limit of liability
司法警察員 judicial police officer
受任通知書 Notification of Attorney Representation
大字深浦参千弐拾五番地イ参 Oaza Fukaura 3025-1-3
外国人登録原票記載事項証明書 certificate of matters in the alien registration records
Entered by: Takeyama
定期預金債権 Time deposit claim(s)
家事審判官 Judge of Family Affairs
家イ Family Affairs Conciliation
審判開始決定書 Decision Notice for Commencing a Hearing Procedure
Entered by: David Higbee
対審構造 adversary system
Entered by: David Higbee
導守 adherence
届出がなされた弁護士 registered patent attorney
履行補助者 parties assisting with the performance of the (transportation) obligation
帰省地 permanent address
主文 main text of judgment
平成YY年(判)第XX号 No. xx of YYYY (Ruling)
Entered by: David Higbee
Second Party
交通バリアフリー法 Transportation Accessibility Improvement Law
Entered by: cinefil
二次下請負人 secondary subcontractor
Entered by: David Patrick
事件本人 parties
Entered by: Anita Kobayashi
事務連絡 memorandum
Entered by: Noriko Fujiwara
代表理事組合長 President of the representative governing body
以上 end of document
以下この条において同じ (the same shall apply hereinafter in this article)
Entered by: Iyasu Nagata
弁護士登録 register as an attorney at law
弁護顧問 legal counselling/advice (弁護顧問、申請代行又は調査費用: ees for legal advice, representation, or research)
低価格均一店 single price point retailer
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
当審における未決勾留日数中80日を原判決の懲役刑に算入し 80 days in detention (remand) shall be calculated as time served
依存性(pertaining to a law) dependence
保釈者 person released on bail
地位確認等請求事件 Case claiming confirmation of position / Claim for Confirmation of Position
ブザー式 buzzer notification type
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
フリーライドする unauthorized use
Entered by: David Higbee
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