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天下取りの争い Fought to unify/rule the whole country
太夫 Ancient ambassador, Noh actor
室町将軍邸 Residence of Muromachi shogun
宗秩寮総裁 Presidency of the Sochitsuryo
Entered by: seika
崇仏論争 Dispute over Buddhism('s adoption)
世界三大記念艦 the "Three Great Historical Warships of the World"
人間五十年 Life is merely 50 years
広島市造船工業学校 Hiroshima Municipal Shipbuilding Technical School
式部長官 Grand Master of Ceremonies
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
引揚者 repatriate
Entered by: cinefil
忍び warrior of stealth arts
心棒 typo for 辛抱
Entered by: Yasutomo Kanazawa
ハイカラ文化 Western culture
Entered by: Alex Farrell
和人 Japanese
商商 department of commerce, faculty of commerce
竪穴遺構造 remains of pit dwellings
男弟 Younger brother
発翰來翰綴 (一般) Communications file (general)
芸能(図、習、裁、工) Liberal Arts
道長 Troup leader
被占領心理 Psychology of the Occupied
計算により求む (Obtained) by calculation
自戦自治 Fight on your own. Govern on your own.
4月吉日 a lucky/auspicious day (yet unspecified day) in April
~から due to / because (省略 )
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
抜てきに次ぐ抜てき climbing up the socilal ladder by leaps and bounds
松前三湊 The Three Ports of Matsumae
武器の支度が習いゆえ more mindful of preparing for war
滄海よ眠れ Requiem over the Blue Ocean
施紋方法 Decorating technique
日本思想の地平と水脈 Contours and Currents of Japanese Thought
拠点集落 (central) settlement
Entered by: cinefil

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