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内分割 (funds available for) installment
"10数億" over a billion
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
06/3期中間期連結業績 our business performance on a consolidated basis for the interim period in the fiscal year ended Mar
2005下計画 (our) plan in the second half of fiscal 2005
Entered by: Katsushi Saito
65期 実績 65th term/annual sales
基盤強化の早期実現 Prompt realization of a corporate infrastructure reinforcement
原則評価方式 fundamental valuation method(s)
ほか編 edited by Jo Bloggs et al.
みなし入金予測システム Deemed payment estimation system
危険相当額 exposure amount
Entered by: cinefil
即時用伝票 real-time ticket
単元株制度 unit share system
収益分配金 profit distributions
右ヅメ justify to the right
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
右記関連資料 The relevant information on the right/ The relevant information in question
Entered by: Kanako Fujiwara
取引先持ち株会 Client stock ownership
取締役会設置会社に関する事項 Items Related to Status as Company with Board of Directors
Entered by: casey
取組日 Date of advancement
参加条項 Participating provision
同意区分 取得済 Consent (to disclosure) Obtained
売却対象債権 loans/debt instruments for sale
Entered by: casey
売り建玉 short account/position/interest
Entered by: Katsushi Saito
売掛金得意先金額 Client accounts receivables
大蔵省令 Ministry of Finance Ordinance
Entered by: Peishun CHIANG
外サ FX margin (premium or discount)
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
外為関係 FX transactions
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
外注の吸収 bring subcontracted work back in house
Entered by: casey
審査部 Credit Department or Credit Risk Management Department
対4次見込み Compared to the fourth estimate
対主制御部通信モジュール for main control unit communication module
山絲 yamaito (person's name)
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
巡航分配 cruising distribution
Entered by: David Patrick
差入返戻可能情報 information on deposits and refunds
上位・下位貢献銘柄 top/bottom contributors or top/bottom contributing stocks
上放れ sharp rise (in stock prices)
主要取引銀行 Main Banks / Main Bankers / Our Bankers
三行 three banks; three lines
下期期首計画 the beginning of the second/latter half of the period plan/scheduled time
一部指定 assignment/transfer to TSE first section from second section
年金合同口 pension investment fund trust
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