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japonés term inglés translation
$B9)>lN)COK!(B Factory Location Law
埋め立て場所の確保の問題 Disposal of coal ash. . .
埋め立て処分 temporary landfill
原単位基準値 Standard denominator
Entered by: casey
単純焼却、単純埋立 simple incineration, simple landfill
各分野での本腰を入れた get down to seriously in every fields
大気汚染 air pollution
外来生物対策室 Office for alien species management
Entered by: Natalya Zelikova
届出外排出量 Non-notification of release (released substances)
三巻地域 mountainous regions
一桁大きい Greater by a degree of magnitude, 10 times greater
平改坂 roof conversion
亜海岸帯/真海岸帯 sublittoral zone/eulittoral zone
事前訪問調査 pre-assessment visit
強い負の電荷(ゼータ電位) strong negative charge(Zeta potential)
休墾地 transitional or idle cultivated land
Entered by: casey
ナノ返り comeback of nano in the limelight
Entered by: Yasutomo Kanazawa
イネワラ rice straw
Entered by: Natalya Zelikova
イワノガリヤス Langsdorf's reedgrass
Entered by: Yasutomo Kanazawa
ガソリン換算熱量 Gasoline equivelent thermal energy / caloric energy / heat content
Entered by: Miho Ohashi
シャーベット状の物質 Sherbet-state
公表義務付けが見送られるなど、 the delay in ... official regulations
CHGの活性汚泥への影響の及び方 the effect of CHG on activated sludge
Entered by: kokuritsu
砂丘未熟土 sand-dune regosol
競合遷移 competitive evolution
絵に描いた餅 pie in the sky
環境への取り組み Environmental initiatives / action / projects / strategies / considerations
環境負荷物質 environmentally hazardous substance (material)
職場風土改革促進事業 Workplace improment project/activities
被監査人 auditee / audited party
Entered by: casey
被洗浄物 material to be cleaned
褐色低地土 brown lowland soil
褐色森林土 brown forest soil
都市熱環境評価モデル(OASIS-HI) Urban Thermal Environment Evaluation Model (OASIS-Health Indicators)
阪神間 the Hanshin area
PRTRの集計対象 Target of PRTR aggregation
横堤 closs-levee, wing levee
水系排熱 heat discharge by river and drainage system
水質源 water source
Entered by: cinefil
汚染者支払い原則と負担転嫁 polluter-pays principle and burden shifting
Entered by: cinefil
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