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japonés term inglés translation
$BEBG<(B supplied by/to
装置爪 pawl
1対1 on a 1:1 basis
1回力の変化 change in force at a rotation
1桁下の位まで求めて Round to one decimal place
2極用、3極用とも外形寸法、取付寸法とも同じです 2-pole switch and 3-pole switch
加工芯 machined core
基第 (発基第 ) Labor Standards Bureau Notification No. / LSB Notification No.
基板固定冶具 PCB-securing jig
基準加工穴 datum hole
Entered by: casey
垂直出し Vertical maximum pump height
だるま穴 Hook slot or Keyhole
つば状の flanged
ならい支軸 copy spindle
ぺニングゲージ Penning gauge
かじり scuffing
占有する(COMポート番号) reserve
単位指定区域 unit designated area
単体基礎と一体基礎 continuous spread footing and slab foundation
協和FT Kyowa FineTech. Co.,Ltd.
Entered by: Kara ph.D.
取り合い寸法 interface dimensions
受風室 air receiving chamber
Entered by: cinefil
変電所の両端電源化 transform into double-ended substation
孫入れ子 nested insert
定置方式 cell production/manufacturing system
Entered by: casey
実績ファイルの保存 Save results to file
実態顕微鏡 typo for 実体顕微鏡 (stereo microscope)
対応付け numbers associated with / corresponding to
Entered by: Erzsébet Czopyk
対抗機『器) Competing machinery and equipment
Entered by: Nobuo Kawamura
専用コマンド a command dedicated for/ a special command for
層状化合物のナノシート化 preparation of nanosheets derived from layered compounds
工具専用ライン化 Create/Develop Specialized Line for Tools
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
両丸 rounded ends
主変2次_VCB main transformer secondary circuit breaker_VCB (vacuum circuit breaker)
主動機 Main machine
三元スパッタ装置 ternary sputtering equipment
下穴加工残部 \"Remaining thickness\", or \"Remaining thickness after boring\"
Entered by: casey
仮配 Place temporarily
廃棄業者(書類の廃棄処理を行う) document disposal/destruction/shredding service
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