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アール Radius
2006年教育及び監査法 Education and Inspections Act 2006 (c. 40)
Entered by: casey
みのり学級 class for disabled/handicapped children
Entered by: MICHIRU YABU
単位 credits (university)
単位取得退学 coursework completed without degree
卒業設計 graduation project
学年部 Year Representatives
実習指導 Fieldwork Supervision
Entered by: Shannon Morales
実験実習 workshop(Tsukuba Univ.), practical study, practical training
小数点以下第一位 the first decimal place/ the average value was calculated to the first decimal place
専門教育科目 Major Course Subject
中堅産業人 core industry workers
中学校1級・高等学校2級教員普通免許状 1st class, 2nd class teacher certificate
人間教育 Faculty of Education
会議 council
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
体育専門学群 School of (Health and) Physical Education
Entered by: casey
保健室登校 Infirmary users
Entered by: casey
在学期間 period enrolled (in school)
Entered by: Shannon Morales
ポートボール Portball
Entered by: Yuko Fujita
ラベル思考法 Brainstorming method with stcky notes
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
めざす生徒像 set image of students
イントラ入力 Enter/Input ... onto the intranet
Entered by: Steven Smith
スリースクール Free School
サマープログラムの実施国と実施時期に幅を持たせて Allow some latitude (freedom) in the place (country)and timing of the summer program
出前授業 visiting lecture
全学共通科目 General Education Classes
前期課程, 後期課程 Masters/Doctorate
図形 geometrical figures
Entered by: cinefil
研究留学生 international research student
社会人特別選抜試験 special selection exams for mature applicants
義塾 "SCHOOL"  or simply leave out of translation
看護的子育て Special Needs Parenting
特論 advanced lectures
盛土築造・放置過程 embankment filling work and stabilization process
表現系 expression system
計算心理学 computational psychology
評定・単位 evaluation(rating), credit(unit)
資料 data
臓器別頻度 Frequency (of occurrence) by organ/body part
英語スキル構築 English proficiency building/development
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