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japonés a inglés Construcción / Ingeniería civil Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
(自)(至) (from)(to)
1ヶ口 One set / Single batch
3台並列4台ローテーション方式 array of 4 pumps operating in rotation (3 operating concurrently)
基礎構造物設計実習 Training course in foundation design and construction
埋設管 conduit
Entered by: cinefil
厚いまき出し厚さ deep spreading depth
偏り unevenness
えび曲げ管 miter elbow
しゃ集管きょ intercepting sewer; interceptor
かぶせ工法 cover method
反応の母体 reaction site /substrate
吊り角度 lifting (sling) angle
同じ砂質土でも "Even though the samples are all sandy soil..."
同上開口補強 reinforcement of the opening of the same
Entered by: Nobuo Kawamura
壌士 loam
天井懐 joist bay / joist cavity
室素ガス供給装置 nitrogen gas transfer unit / nitrogen gas feeder unit
室温制御を切り替える alternating between room temperature controls
容積対象面積 rentable area
完成検査ピット工事 construction of a pit for completion inspection
導入効果 benefits of introducing (this new machinery)
Entered by: cinefil
小径 small diameter
小旋回バックホー backhoe with small operating radius
山側のり肩部 top of the landward slope/dike crest of the landward side
山止め・構台施工管理実習 [practical training in] Retaining Structures
工事の工期満了に伴う工事の検収にあたり post-construction inspection
巻立 landing, lining
中耐 Medium duty
Entered by: cinefil
主しゃ変断器 Suggestion
下がり壁軽鉄 light weight steel frame for hanging (or suspended) wall
一時仮置き排出 discharge for temporary placing
平面的な都市化 horizontal urban development
二丁掛タイル Rectangular Tile (Insert Dimensions here)
仮眠所 (employee) break room, sleeping area
建築生産実務図面作成実習 Architectural/Building Production Practice, Practical training in drawing
建築生産管理 Building Production Management
建築生産論 Building Production Theory
建築施工システム技術科 Architectural Construction Systems Technology
建設経営 Construction Management
伏越し siphon culvert/inverted siphon
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