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japonés a inglés Química, Ciencias/Ing. quím. Translation Glossary

japonés term inglés translation
$B%=%k(B sol
$B%J%N%^!<%6!<(B Nanomizer
$B%]%j%9%^%s(B(chemistry) policeman (chemistry)
$B3,AX?t(B superscript
$B6u;n83CM(B blank measurement value
$B79<PK!(B decantation
mail protected]:$R$g$&(B precise weight measurement
$BBQA:@[email protected](B resistance to plastic deformation
イソステアリン酸フィトステリル phytosteryl isostearate
2, 3,7, 8-位塩素置換異性体 2,3,7,8-TCDD / 2,3,7,8-TeCDD
4級アンモニウム塩基 quaternary ammonium base
66.6モル% 66.6 mol%
Entered by: David Higbee
ABC OIL 連続精製装置フロー ABC OIL Continuous Refining Units Flow Chart
加水分解コムギタンハク Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
劣化状況 state of degradation
Entered by: David Patrick
原料仕込量に対して charging capacity of raw material
それぞれ別々の ambiguous - see below
にごり方式 turbidity method
反応によって得られる芳香族ポリカーボネートの単独重合体および共重合体 homopolymer(s) and copolymer(s) of aromatic polycarbonate obtained by (a/the) reaction
合樹 synthetic resin
塩ビブレンド / ハロゲン置換スチレン polyvinyl chloride blend/halogen substituted styrene
多種多様な低分子化合物を基盤上に固定化する place a variety of low-molecular-weight compounds on the plate / board / substrate
嫌気性接着剤組生物 an anaerobic adhesive composition
孤立分散 isolated dispersion
定容した the volume was fixed at...
寄託番号 deposit number
Entered by: cinefil
展開品, 粉砕品 developed product, here - active catalyst; powder
中実験 pilot study
中空円板 doughnut-shaped disc
一塩化一臭化メタン bromochloromethane (Halon-1011)
Entered by: Yuki Okada
一回/直 once per shift
交真空度下 high vacuum
二ダックス処理 Nedox coating/treatment
二液性フッ素樹脂 two-component fluourocarbon polymer
付加重合、重付加 addition polymerization, polyaddition
強電解酸性酸化水 strong acid electrolyzed oxidizing water
低分子化 depolymerization
Entered by: Jason Kang
作製 preparation
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
保湿工事 specific retention volume
応力変換 stress conversion
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