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italiano a inglés Textil / Ropa / Moda Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
smacchinati (fine) ribbed (binding)
“ammiccare” (a la moda) flirt with fashion
cammello albino zibellinato albino camel and sable trim coat
lana profilata trimmed wool
mono garzato single-sided brushed
orecchini "monachella" hoop closure
pietre incastonate in una struttura a boccioli. formed of flower buds set with stones
plat e schede tecniche flat drawings (or technical flats, or just “flats”), and technical drawings
Entered by: Jasmina Towers
stile essenziale dalla grande personalità classic and signature iconic style
Entered by: Lara Barnett
Taglie Conformate Plus sizes
(lavorazione) “a pelo” high-pile knit
(maglieria esterna) con separazione (external knits) separated/layered on circular knitting equipment
Entered by: Gary Key
, che ha voglia di piacere e di piacersi Make heads turn lavorazione del filo consegnato dalla societa XXX in conto lavorazione... processing of thread/string/twine/wire delivered by XXX on consignment
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
a bordone (seamed)
Entered by: Maria Burnett
a capo one-off/one of a kind
A chi altri poteva venire in mente quest’idea se non Who else could have had this idea, if not.....
Entered by: Tom in London
a fianco chiuso after side seams are sewn
Entered by: Isabelle Johnson
a fuselli bobbin (lace)
a maglia grossa large knit
a mezzo armature point paper and weaving plans
a monte basically
Entered by: Emanuela Galdelli
a punto cella cell stitch
Entered by: simon tanner
a rapporto is transported away by the belt/moves on
Entered by: Rosanna Palermo
a sacchetto pillow covers aih an envelope opening
abbigliamento conto terzi third party clothing
Abiti molto costruiti highly tailored clothes
abito a sacchetto sack dress
abito intelato canvassed suit
abito rimborsato balloon hem dress
abito-architettura architectural garment/dress
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
abrasivato/ lavorato ad abrasivato brush leather/brush-off/abrasivato
accantonamento put aside altogether
accessori in pezza woven accessories
acciaio (in context of jewelry) stainless steel jewelry
accumuli gathers
acquistano linee essenziali take on a new sleek look
ad ago needlepoint
ad alta tenacità highly resistant
addetti alla limatura sanders /sander operators
Entered by: EirTranslations
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