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italiano a inglés Bienes inmuebles Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
clausola salvo visto e piaciuto "subject to inspection and approval" clause
coerenze boundaries
come mi confermano as confirmed; as is confirmed herewith/herein
commerciabilità legally available for sale / legally saleable
Commissione dell’Ornato Building Commission
compendio in the complex
comprensivo dell\'incidenza della corte including court costs
Entered by: Carl Stoll
con effetti giuridici dell’operazione with legal effect from
con precisazione che le suddette facoltà devono intendersi enunciate by specifying that the aforementioned capacities must be stated
Entered by: Lara Barnett
con promessa di rato e valido promise of ratification and approval
con tutti gli effetti utili e gravosi With all practical and onerous consequences/results/sequels
concedere in comodato loan free of charge
Entered by: Thomas Roberts
concessione in precario temporary permit
Entered by: Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
concorrenti (ipoteca) competing (interests/ charges etc)
condonare retrospective planning permission
condotte di mista Combined sewer pipes
Entered by: Federica Banzola
configurazione plani-volumetrica overall layout/plan and volume layout
Entered by: Francesca Battaglia
conformità planimetrica conformity of the plan drawings
cons.; Sup. consistenza=consistence; superficie=surface/area
conseguenti relevant formalities
Entered by: EirTranslations
Conservatore dei Registri Immobiliari keeper of land registry
conservatore dei servizi di Pubblicita Immobiliare Public Land Registrar
conservatoria Land Registry vs. Land Survey (BrE: Index Map) Office
Entered by: Daniel Gold
Conservatoria dei registri immobiliari land registry office (in context)
Entered by: Gina Ferlisi
consistenza commerciale di circa mq 290 290sqm worth of commercially viable space
consortalita joint title / right of access
Entered by: Jean Martin
CONTEGGI PLANIMETRICI planimetric calculations
controperizie second appraisal
Entered by: Judith McLean
convenuto a corpo agreed as a whole
convenzioni urbanistiche planning agreements
corpo di fabbrica (residenziale o agricolo) building (residential or agricultural)
Correzzione generale delle entrate General Directorate of the Revenue Office
Entered by: EirTranslations
costo sanatoria building amnesty costs
Entered by: Judith McLean
crediti non correnti non-current receivables
CTU chartered surveyor\'s report or survey
Entered by: Isabelle Johnson
cubatura costruibile buildable volume
Entered by: Michele Fauble
custodito with security services
D.I.A. in Sanatoria onerosa see explanation
da due alti. two sides of
Entered by: Tom in London
dare scarichi da responsabilità e autorizzazioni declare persons free from liability and grant authorisations
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