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italiano al inglés Medicina: Instrumentos Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
a corredo del sistema offerto, along with the system
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
a ‘portata di sega’ within the reach of his saw
Entered by: Tom in London
a ecostruttura disomogenea non-homogeneous/nonhomogeneous echo pattern
a protezione di to protect
Accoppiato sb
aerato vented
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
agganciamento hooking device
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
ago cannula needle-cannula
Entered by: Claudia Cherici
aletta tab
allargamento widening
Entered by: Tom in London
alveolo implantare implant socket/implant site
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
analisi univariata univariate data analysis
aria medicale compressed air for medical use
Entered by: Katharine Prucha
associato a assigned
asssetto marziale blood iron level
attacco (in this context) fitting
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
Balcanica Balkan frame/splint/beam
Barella doccia shower stretcher
Entered by: Giorgio Tenedios
BF BF (Body Floating) eg: Applied Part - type BF
Entered by: Linda Thody
bloccafilo wire lock/ wire stop
breccia operatoria surgical incision
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
busta per la buccia peel pouch or peel pack
CAD each
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
Calzatura di accompagnamento Matching shoe
camicia vacutainer Vacutainer® Holder/Vacutainer sleeve
Campanatura Cambering
canale endomidollare intramedullary channel
Entered by: Mihaela Petrican
cannula a becco di flauto flat tip (duck beak) cannula
Carico precoce early load transfer
carotatore (sample) corer
carta Kraft medicale grigliata medical-grade grid kraft paper /medical grid kraft paper
Entered by: Kimberly De Haan
cartella di reparto CPR computerized pazient record
cartiglio Title box
chips metalliche metallic (vascular) clips
colonna operatoria (surgical) video tower
concentrazione in uso del 3% 3% working concentration
conferme classics / classic models
connettore asettico aseptic connector
Entered by: Maria Burnett
Contaglobuli automatico differenziale automated differential cell counter
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