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italiano a inglés Mecánica / Ing. mecánica Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
apposite alette direttrici adjustable blade/louvered register
Entered by: EirTranslations
appostare to put in place/to place
arco crescente/decrescente ascending or descending curve
arcosaldatura ad interstizi arc spot welding
Entered by: Yakov Tomara
area di fuga escape area
Entered by: Tom in London
arganello crank (operated)
argani mossi da buoi capstans turned by oxen
argano motore driving winch
Entered by: Guido Villa
argento vivo quick silver
Entered by: Maria Emanuela Congia
aria ad assorbimento chimico chemical air dryer
aria di complemento complementary air
Entered by: Andrea Cingolani
armadi "morsettiere di confine" boundaries terminal block cabinets
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
armadi di montanti (AM) riser cabinets
Entered by: Jean Martin
armare le batterie charge the batteires
armature degli scavi excavation reinforcements
arresto in fase end-of-cyle stop
Entered by: Daniel Frisano
arresto sicuro safety position
arresto volontario intentional (normal) stop
arrivi incoming lines
Entered by: Sarah Weston
arrivo calibro del mandrino spindle gauge limit (stop)
Entered by: Claudia Cherici
articoli termoidraulici thermal-hydraulic components
asametro ASA flow meter (asameter)
Entered by: Daniela Zambrini
asolare to slot
asole di distribuzione distribution rings
aspi reels
Entered by: Franco Rigoni
aspo reel
assale/ponte axle
Entered by: Ulla Lundquist
asse a riposo idle axis
asse anteriore front axle
Entered by: Amanda Jane Lowles
asse di simmetria inclinato inclined axis of symmetry
Asse movimentazione longitudinale longitudinal displacement axis
asse passante through spindle
Entered by: Angela Arnone
asse portabobina superiore (basculante) top reel spindle (cantilevered)
Asse rotazione polso wrist rotation
asse superiore riavvolgente della carta siliconata top release paper take-up shaft
assemblaggio di gruppo unit assembly
Assemblea di un Consorzio Consortium Council
Entered by: Alexandra Scott
assenza di spurgo draining absence
assenza totale di fioretti di estrazione totally void of any /without any blast hole bit extraction marks
asservimento feeding
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