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italiano al inglés Manufactura Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
PU bidensità bi-density polyurethane
tronco di cono truncated cone, frustum of cone
Visierino ad occhiale visor
"one-time filling system" multiple-time
a Dis. as per drawing
a livello artigianale handcrafted
Entered by: Angela Arnone
a massa is earthed/ grounded after flooding
a massa termica thermal mass dryer
a passo fitto finely perforated
a ponte battente ledge
a scorta ed in transito in stock and in transit
Entered by: Joseph Tein
accessori a disegno o da commercio secondary to design or sales (functions)
accoppiato barriera laminated barrier
acidificazione con siero e innesto acidification with whey starter
ad iniezione per policarbonato produced by polycarbonate injection molding
Entered by: Maria Burnett
addetto alla pesa weigher
al loro interno internally
alettato (coperchio) finned (lid)
alla massima elevazione to max(imum) lift/lifting height
allestimenti preparation
Entered by: Fiona Grace Peterson
alluminio pieno, cubicato solid aluminium in cubes
Entered by: Peter Cox
alveoli fustellati punched wells
Entered by: Shera Lyn Parpia
ambiente non condizionato room without climate control
apparecchi di cottura misti con controllo digitale digitally controlled mixed baking equipment (apparatus, device, machinery)
Entered by: Maria Burnett
apponendovi (in this context) attaching
area cortiliva yard (or courtyard)
Entered by: Tom in London
area freddo cooling systems area
art. Part
articoli di puericultura pesante large/bulky childcare items
aspo svolgitore da coil coil payoff reel / decoiler
assenza dei prescritti per il relativo ottenimento in the absence of the requirements for obtaining it
Entered by: Tom in London
asservimento tramite robot also employing/using robots
Entered by: Sarah Weston
assonometrie sezionate exploded diagram / exploded view drawing
assorbenza Nappies
autocontrollo produzione unsupervised process control
autofilettante self threading or self tapping
automatismo automated process
Entered by: Joseph Tein
avanforno fore hearth
Entered by: Giorgio Tenedios
avanprogetti pre-planning (phase)/pre-plans
avvolge il piede encloses/envelopes/surrounds the foot
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