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italiano term inglés translation
a precisazione In clarification [As clarification]
Entered by: Giorgio Tenedios
a prestazioni corrispettive bilateral contracts
a quali di essi spetta la rappresentanza della società which of these is empowered to formally represent the Company
A questa domanda se è opposta la convenuta... if the respondent has opposed the claim
a regime under standard arrangements
a rigor di norma pursuant to law
Entered by: Matthew Docherty
a rogiti by notary deed
a scioglimento della riserva on cancellation of the previous conditions
a scioglimento della riserva assunta deciding on the outstanding issue
A scioglimento della visura assunta at the end of the inspection
a scioglimento di una riserva espressa deciding a question that he had expressly reserved to decide .....
Entered by: Franco Rigoni
a scoglimento della riserva di cui al the judge reaches the decision he/she had temporarily reserved judgement on
Entered by: Isabella Nanni
a secco anziché ad umido o a manica dry rather than (instead of) wet or sleeve electrofilters
Entered by: silviantonia
A seguito di riserva reserved decision
a specchio according to the mirror trading concept
a spese compensate with costs settled
Entered by: EirTranslations
a spese legali compensate each side to pay its own legal costs
a sua cura e spese the contractor will be responsible
Entered by: Maria Elisa Manfrino
A tale scopo debbo darvi lettura articoli (143,144,.... To this effect I am required to read out to you Articles...
a termine (context) fixed term
A titolo di concorso al mantenimento dei figli As a contribution towards the maintenance of his children
A titolo di garanzia per il rispetto delle clausole as guarantee for compliance with the clauses
a titolo di pagamento del debito altrui as (third party) non-obligors
a titolo di restituzione di un prestito for/by way of a loan repayment
Entered by: Peter Cox
A titolo incidentale/DPI by the way / in an incidental manner / as an incident / intelectual property rights
a titolo particolare (gen) individually; (corp) of individual assets; (pers) of a specific legacy or devise
Entered by: Vincenzo Di Maso
a transazione di quanto intercorso as settlement in consideration of what has been agreed/transpired
a tutela della concorrenza competition law/antitrust law
Entered by: simon tanner
a tutto rischio totally jeopardizing / putting in jeopardy
Entered by: AeC2009
a tutto voler ammettere (ma senza nulla concedere) assuming but not conceding
a tutto voler valutare at least showing a willingness to weigh up .... the other side\'s claim
Entered by: Maria Falvo
a vario titolo on various grounds
Entered by: simon tanner
A.D.R (a domanda risponde) D.R.Q. (Direct Response to Question)
a.d.r. a domanda risponde/when asked replied
A.D.R., ADR, adr, a.d.r. (A domanda risponde) When asked replied
A.I. N° adozione internazionale
A.U.I. Centralised Computer Archive (Archivio Unico Informatico - A.U.I.)
Entered by: Peter Cox
AADD PQC house arrest
abbattamento del bene coinvolto demolition of the property concerned
abbreviation S.I. sommarie informazioni
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